Disc Brake confusion - ordered Fulcrum 5 disc training wheels, but think my rotors have 6 bolts?

First experience doing something with disc brakes - got a Topstone recently and ordered new wheels for it, but I see in the blurb something about AFS rotor system. I’m guessing I can’t just take the disc blade rotor off my existing Cannondale wheelset and stick it on the new wheels?

Looks like there’s 6 bolts on them that attach the rotor to the hub. Looking closeup on the Fulcrum 5 db’s I can’t see any holes like that.

The hubs used for these wheels are shimano center lock. You’ll need new rotors.


Ah thanks, better try to find some right away, wheelset coming tomorrow. Just search for centerlock disc brake rotors I take it?

Just order the Shimano Ultegra centerlock rotors in the appropriate size

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Yep. Shimano Ultegra level are the best bang for your buck. Dura Ace if you like the bling of black. Not much weight difference between them.

It came with 160mms, do I need the same size or is that adjustable?

AT $20 a pop, you are half way to a rotor, but if you have a ton of 6-bolt rotors this might be a decent consideration:


The size is based on the position of your calipers. If they are 160mm front and back, order 160mm.


They are not consumable items so I say it is definitely worth having a set of these around either way. :+1:

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Typically disc brake road bikes come with 160 mm rotors in the front and 160 or 140 mm rotors in the back. There are rare road bikes that have 140 mm front and back, but this is usually limited to weight weenie builds.

So if your rotors both have the same size, it is pretty safe to assume you have to order two 160 mm rotors, otherwise one 160 mm and 140 mm rotors. Also, most frames can cope with both sizes, you can easily go up or down a size. How you do that depends on the brake caliper mounting standard (flat mount vs. bracketed).

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I have a pair of XTR rotors on my mountain bike that are close to seven years old with >10,000 km on them, and they are in great nick. Brake rotors last a long time.

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Thanks guys, learned a lot!

Ordered 160mm ultegras. They look pretty swank compared to what I have at the moment. Initially I wasn’t happy about the price of them (over £70 for a pair and have two bikes to do). But Oreo’s post put me at peace. Didn’t realise they lasted so long. Thought they’d burn out couple times a year or so. Just no experience with them.

Might even consider some Dura Ace ones if I see them used on eBay for the missus’ bike that needs new wheels too.

I have a 2017 Domane in a 62cm and 140mm came as standard.

Glad I could help. Also, I reckon that rotors last much longer on road bikes, because they are less exposed to sand, mud and grime. The tiny pieces of sand can really scar your rotors and eat your brake pads in a single, long ride (in extreme circumstances). So these should be good for a long time.

I reckon my 105-level road bike rotors have about 7-10k on them (I bought it used and have to estimate the use by the previous owner). They are in perfect condition.

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