Changing to center lock

I just bought a New set of carbon wheels for my 29’er. Being pretty ignorant my new wheels are center lock but my bike is set up with shimano drive train and 6 bolt.
is there anything I’ll need to do to make this work??? Will it be a problem!?

You need a center lock to 6 bolt adapter. Or buy CL rotors, the first is cheaper.

DT Swiss Centre-Lock to 6-Bolt Fitting Adapter for QR, 9 or 12 mm Axles

They’re re available for 15 through axles too.

Or, again just get some CL rotors but they’re not cheap.


You just need to put centre lock rotors on the new wheels. You don’t need to change anything about the rest of the bike - the calipers don’t care how the rotors are fixed to the wheels. (You might need to align them, if they are rubbing, same as with new pads or rotors etc).

If you want to use your existing rotors on the new wheels, you need an adaptor as @ibaldwin says above.


Ok! Super helpful, so it only effects how the rotors attach to the wheels?
My LBS made it sound like a bigger deal

Probably because if you an use an adapter the backlash on the rotor will increase? It can be really annoying if you do any trials-like riding.

As long as you use rotors that fit your calipers, it should be fine.

Not sure what you’re doing with your old wheelset, but if you can I would buy new rotors dor the new wheels, so that you can have the old wheels setup as spare and only need to change the cassette over (or also get a new cassette, but they can also be expensive).

I was thinking of doing this , if I got the same cassette, I’m hoping I wouldn’t have to adjust the brakes and derailleur each time I swapped wheels

Its hard to tell, it depends on hub dimensions, and even if they have nominally the same size, it sometimes works and sometimes the brakes rub. I’d just try it.

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