Insert Day and Push Schedule Right [Feature Request]

I request TR create the capability to insert a day in the Calendar, automatically pushing the program to the right. This would be extremely helpful when you know you need another day of recovery (especially for older riders) and would avoid the failure/guilt/foreboding cycle that happens when you need more rest to execute the program. For many, pushing the weekly schedule back a day isn’t an issue. To be clear, by choosing this option, riders would get out of cycle with particular workout days. But for many of us, we need extra recovery sometimes and this would facilitate doing that without a tremendous amount of cutting and pasting. It would also keep riders from doing so much cutting and pasting they lose the program’s continuity. Pushing the program back a day could keep people onboard and motivated rather than worrying about trying to catch up. Thank you!


Hey there!

While this is not a feature that is currently on our Development Roadmap, we have some other plans in mind that will allow for easy plan adjustments when you need more recovery time :slight_smile:

The situation you described is a fairly common occurrence for Masters athletes, and we have commonly recommended an 8 day week with an extra day of recovery, but currently, that is fairly hard to schedule. The project that we’re working on will make it much easier to set up your plan to fit your specific needs.

That’s all I’m allowed to say for now :zipper_mouth_face:


Bryce: Thank you. What is the timeline for this super double-dog secret scheduling update? Also, as a new guy I wouldn’t have a clue how to follow an 8 day week under the current construct. How would I physically do that? Also, I saw that Coach Chad recommended moving weeks around so that you have a 3 build, 1 recovery type of periodization. Again, good idea, but how to actually execute that on the Calendar? Thanks. I’m scouring the Calendar support section but can’t find anything that helps. Point me if you like, or help me to understand.

Unfortunately, we can’t release any specific timelines or dates at this time :pensive:.

This method would definitely require some manipulation. You could use the Pull Week and Push Week functions to move the weeks around, and then you would be dragging and dropping each individual workout, which would be very time-consuming to say the least.

How I would do it is:

  1. Set the plan to start on the day you want it to start on
  2. Push Week 2 twice by using the three-dot menu on the right side of the screen.
  3. Determine where you want extra recovery day, and then drag and drop all the other workouts in Week 1 over by one day
  4. Then Push Week 3
  5. Distribute the Week 2 workouts
  6. Push Week 4
  7. …Repeat

While time-consuming, this is a great way to increase your ability to recover from hard training :+1:

Sorry again that we don’t have a more elegant solution at this time. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

Side note: This article has some really great suggestions under “Recovery Strategies” and “Still no Gains? Try these Small Changes” sections.


What happened to the super double-dog secret scheduling update referred to 18 months ago? I haven’t slept a wink since I read about the planned functionality to adjust the training plan to user’s specific timetable needs. My interpretation of Plan Builder is that it does not allow this.

‘Push a day’ is an elegant and simple solution. It’s difficult to understand why, with ‘Push a week’ already in place, its so hard in development terms to implement. But then I am not a developer!

In the meantime I am inserting an additional recovery week into each training block, as described in Alternate Sweet Spot Base, Work : Recovery Week Layout.


Its still in the works! I think some other features such as Group Workouts and some functionality updates took precedent over this feature, but its on the roadmap! Thanks for holding tight! :star2:

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Thanks for update IvyAudrain, much appreciated.

I think the main way that a “push a day” function is different than a “push a week” is that it would then ruin the weekly flow of workouts.
Ex. Mon off, ride Tues-Thurs, Fri off, ride the weekend.
This fits with the majority of people’s working schedules where they have more time on the weekends for longer rides. The functionality is definitely possible from a programming stand point but it would muck things up in practice for most people.

MWGLOW: Right–that’s what makes the calendar useful–you use the functions that benefit your schedule. For those where it would “ruin” their week, they wouldn’t use it. For those who would gain a lot from it (like me) then we’d have the option. It’s all about making TR easy and customizable for the most riders, not just for a particular group. We’re all N’s of one. A push day is way better for many, in my view. It keeps people from going through the issue of whether to cancel a ride or gut it out. If you need rest now, push a day. My general sense is that pushing a day is going to be good for most people as opposed to either dropping a workout (sometimes making it almost two weeks between repeats of that workout) or gutting it out and blowing up.