INSCYD test - report included

I did my first INSCYD test and I’m a bit confused.
AT threshold was very low, oxygen zone and FATMAX were also very low.
About 1.5 months ago I did an FTP test outside 276w 20min which gave me an FTP of 263w and here is AT 218w.
Do you have any suggestions?

I’d see how long you can hold 260w, if that’s 30-35min+ then call it good. Not familiar with inscyd but if you can do 270 for 20mins, then 218w AT sounds bum.

Were you hooked up to a metabolic cart for this test?

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I think I can hold 235w 1 hour now, 260w maybe 30min but sounds hard

Have you asked the people who created you result sheet? I hope some consultation is included with your results.

yes, but results are strange also for them, I can put high numbers example 1minute =~ 10wkg, also 20s 827w avg and strugling long intervals. I know in that case I need medio zone with low cadence, but do I really need to ride it with zones assigned to INSCYD report. Medio zone here is about 179w which I normally ride Base training. Fatmax 138w ? :slight_smile: This is lower than my active recovery rides :slight_smile:

I imagine I would have similarly surprising results if I did one too. I think they are correct. For example, I tend to ride endurance at like 215-245w and I’m about 74kg with ftp of 360 (20min test of 380) and vo2max of 72. But I see riders like MVDP also riding endurance at 215-245 and he prob has ftp of 400-420, so I’m sure INSCYD would tell me to tone it down a lot. I just don’t really care bc I’m looking to get a good workout after work!

Looking at those numbers seem pretty reasonable for your vo2max of 61 and body mass of 63kg.

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i’m a little confused about the numbers and references.

you are saying your AT is aerobic threshold, or max lactate steady state @ 218 watts?
fat max @ 138 watts?

the fist thing which stands out to me is your lactate numbers at low watts. i would question having values of 0.2 mmol. fwik typical aerobic threshold numbers are around 2mmol, with resting levels >1mmol, and your readings are out of range. are these lactate numbers above base? if the mask wasn’t well fitted you could be off. you really know that 138 watts is wrong

I know nothing.
Now… I’m thinking when I ride 144w (active recovery) it is not like 1/10 RPE, more like 3/10. Maybe there is some true with these numbers.
INSCYD tell me 218w is AT

How many hours per week do you usually ride?

8-10 hours

218w = AT = Anaerobic Threshold ~ mlss
(not aerobic threshold / LT1, was that a typo?)

yes 218w is my MLSS

Yes, sorry I know, I was replying to Ian, I think there is a typo in his post.

What is your background, how long have you been training?

What are you goals?
What do you want to achieve?
What training have you been doing in the last 12 months

From what I can see, unless I missed something, all the data looks consistent.

@Bbt67 just want to be clear what the OP means or understands by the various thresholds (aerobic, mlss etc). one other observation i would make is the time since the last ftp test, and the power sources could be different. something doesn’t add up.

I ride 5 years. Last 24months is regular structured training. I’m really good in races with short 1minute efforts. I want to be a better climber with longer intervals, because of my low weight.
I know that high Vlamax like I have its not good for be a better climber. What is the proper power based od INSCYD zones I should do SS training?
Looks like INSCYD set zones based MLSS power not FTP, right? which zones should I take? :slight_smile:

Ah, sorry missed the “or” when I read your post so no typo, just I didnt read it correctly

We know the 20 minute test was outside and INSCYD inside?

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This INSCYD test was outside

Same power meter as your 20 minute test? When was the 20 minute test?

Assuming the data is correct you need to train to reduce your VLamax.

  • Avoid gym training the legs.
  • Do SS sessions at low cadence
  • Use nutritional strategies i.e train low (not fasted, I think that would be really grim)
  • I wouldnt be doing over unders or much if any threshold work
  • Still do VO2max sessions
  • get some really long faxmax sessions in

Yes, power meter was the same, favero assioma, calibrated every time. I was pretty confident with power data during both test.
FTP test was about 2 months ago. INSCYD test after detraining period (1,5months after FTP test)
So what is my SS zone basing MLSS=218w?
Long fatmax sessions @138w target?

ISM did refer to this recently. how pros with very high ftp numbers cannot do endurance training at 2mmol, because training at 300watts plus for hours, comes with a massive cost, energy turnover, stress on the system. mere mortals can train at 2mmol because the overall stress is lower (200 watts is easier to service and recover from)