Insane question: Did anyone ever do a RAMP test for one/each leg separately?

Did anyone ever do a RAMP test for one/each leg separately? Maybe to

  • compare the sum to FTP
  • comare the relation to L/R powermeter
  • do some testing after injury
  • whatever crazy thing…?

Can’t image anyone doing it…but who knows…some insane things going on in this forum :upside_down_face:

The thing is that your FTP is not only depending on your peripheral muscles but to a large part on your cardiovascular system. Exercising with one leg only will really reduce the overall metabolic load for your body. But it’s a fun question and I vote for you to try it!

There definitely is research on single leg exercise like this old article, where single leg cycling only increased single-leg performance test results but not two-leg VO2max (in 7 people) (

People have tried single-leg exercise training for patients with lung disease. There is always the problem that you can’t really elicit training adaptations because their damaged lung is a bottleneck for performance. The idea was that by reducing the metabolic load by training one leg at a time, the cardiovascular system / lungs can handle it better while there is enough stress for the single leg to adapt. Results were not that great though, if I remember correctly.

I’m sure people are already using this after injuries but I’m sure others know more about that.

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I have a recovery week starting after I finish one more workout. I always do low volume plans and sub in other training, so would be interested to try this for fun.
As far as I can tell, you could do one after the other right? (I’m going to shut up and avoid the puns a plenty).
I’m due another ftp after recovery. It shouldn’t mess with that as far as I can tell.

Note: I have a full length shin nail and another plate with seven screws in my left leg. It’s my reminder of a bad bike crash in my early 20’s.
It would be interesting to see how much the results vary.

Unfortunately this thread was moved by mistake and then got removed but lost all the previous comments where it was said often that it could cause injuries. So it’s nice to think about the theory but I would definitely not recommend doing it, especially with your left leg injury!

Yup, I broke it with an incorrect click working on a different thread.
Sorry for the mistake and lost data. :frowning:

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No problem, chad! All good! You’re such an amazing part of this forum!


I used to train on power cranks which are independent cranks so it is like full time one-legged cycling but you are doing both legs at the same time. I would think that you would lose a lot of power doing individual one legged cycling just from difficultly counter-balancing your body on each stroke.