Quad strain in right leg - are there single leg workouts that i can do with left leg

My right quad feels strained when I was walking down some stairs. I was looking forward to an anaerobic 5.3 workout today but need to rest the leg. Are there single leg workouts I can do on my trainer? I don’t want to lose fitness but will need to see how long the recovery goes. Never had a quad strain

I’d take a week off and let it heal. You won’t be able to get much cardio load spinning one leg. Maybe you could swim with a pull buoy if that’s an option.
I recently took a week of for a back issue and I’m in my third week back. Feeling pretty fit. Better to listen to your body and give it a rest


Thanks but I couldn’t just rest the good leg too. I did some 5 minute on and 5 minute off spins on the trainer with the left leg. I did a total of 6 sets. It was interesting to see the relationship between cadence, power and heart rate. My FTP is about 295 and I did 130 w with 1 leg and heart rate was just 85 and cadence was 40.

The risk is not worth the benefit of a one leg workout. All you are doing is delaying the healing process or overworking one leg so that one will overcompensate & increase the risk of injury.

I know it’s hard to take time off but you will not lose fitness long term. How often do you take a day off?

Not worth it