Inexpensive virtual training app for a beginner recreational cyclist?

My wife wants to pedal on a trainer for exercise but she doesn’t want to do structured training. At this point she probably just needs some scenery and basic metrics.

Do any of the current virtual training apps fit the bill? Any free tiers for just pedaling around?

I was thinking about Zwift. Is it possible for a family to share a subscription?

Wahoo RGT has a limited free option.

Zwift offers up to 25km free per month (that is actually “unlimited” distance for one ride as long as you keep Zwift open and connected). They only offer individual paid plans. No discount for family or annual payment.

Rouvy offers a shared plan.

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There is this mywhoosh app, which is free I think? There’s a thread about it on here.

I don’t think RGT is free anymore, after wahoo bought it. (Apparently there us still a free option.)


Not a huge fan of the funders (UAE and KSA royalty funds) but MyWhoosh seems like it could be a great platform for free.

  • They do still offer the limited free option. You have 2 free ride worlds, but can join events and races IIRC on the free version.

RGT is free for only one course and all events.

Cade is totally free and has some interesting stuff to play with.


Last week I used Zwift free and Wahoo RGT. Nobody is going to the trouble of keeping Zwift open, so the monthly limit is 25km. I did that and more on my first ride, and loaded Zwift the next day and was locked out on the upgrade and pay screen.

RGT has two free courses everyday:

The first and last courses on the top row have “Free” in the upper left corner. Borrego is flat with a very gentle 1% uncle and decline. Enough to feel in sim mode.

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I heard the 1 world thing (well saw the RGT farceboke group outcry) and it defaulted back to 2.

That makes sense. Pretty sure I used it at one point with only one world open and thought it was still that way.

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Ah yep the new Scottish gravel course, forgot about that (despite doing an FTP test on it!)

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I’d skip 3D world and go with real videos such as Fulgaz or Kinomap.
Travel the world and ride for the scenery not simulated terrain.
Both are less than $100 for an annual subscription and of course free trials.