Best app for occasional use?

Hi All,

Thinking of jumping back on the smart trainer again but unsure if TR is the right app for me? I commute to work for my base miles (about 100 mile or so a week - 8 mile each way). Wanting to use the trainer for higher intensity workouts that i struggle with on the commute (traffic lights, zebra crossings etc) or when weather is bad.

Never really followed a structured plan as such so will probably be jumping on after randomly choosing a workout that suits what time i have.

Does anyone use any of the training apps like this? Will i gain much benefit etc.



Zwift gives free 25km a month (about 2 shortish rides a month if choose route correctly), depends how occasional.


I just use the Wahoo app to manually control my trainer.

Trainer Day has a decent selection of workouts in the free version, and I think it’s only $3.99 per month if you subscribe.


Hey @rdavies86 :slight_smile:

Regarding TR, the TrainNow feature would suit you best for what you’re trying to accomplish!

TrainNow is the perfect tool when you’re not following a training plan; it suggests Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking workouts at your desired duration.

If you’d like to follow a training plan eventually, you could look into our Low Volume plans (3 workouts a week) and select for how long you’d like to train each day or choose a Workout Alternate to change the day’s workout :slightly_smiling_face:


This is about as bare bones as it gets. Free to use, browser based, no login, just a selection of workouts and a workout creator.


MyWoosh is similar to zwift but with some ok/decent training sessions built in…and it is FREE!

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I second Trainer Day. Hard to beat at $4/month. And they have the best workout player available. Lots of premade workouts or you can make your own. Never tried their plans. But again, best workout player of any program.


Hi rdavies86! Of course, I’m an avid and long-time TR customer. Very satisfied with that product.

But, for less committed cyclists in my immediate family, they are satisfied with TrainerDay. It’s ~$4 a month. Has some nice features. I’m not bothered if the account owner is only doing one workout a week.

Plus, the fam really likes the intensity slider you can use when setting up a plan. If you don’t ever want to do intense work on the bike…just moooooove that slider on over. :smiley:


TrainerDay or MyWhoosh. Both are very good and either free or minimal cost for the occasional user

I do the same.

@rdavies86 ou can design a workout on paper or in your head. You don’t need a smart trainer changing the resistance constantly in erg mode for it to be effective. It easy to say do 5 x 30second sprints separated by 5 or 10 minutes of zone 2 or whatever floats your boat. Or do a few blocks of 30/30s or 30/15s or 40/20s. Whatever you like.

I think IndieVelo has workouts but never tried them myself, I’ve only used freeride.

If you have smart trainer and garmin edge device you can also control the trainer with garmin device directly (maybe other brands as well). It is possible to choose the ride that you have recorded outdoors and emulate it with trainer.

This approach you do not need any app. It might not be the best for high intensity rides though. Atleast following blue bars (TR) motivates me more.


I’m one of them.
Happen two days in a row when doing 2hr - 2hr15m sessions, it was always at 1hr45 onwards for me and it does not double the time.
Not an issue for rides under 90 minutes.
Plus it was more like 3 minutes longer for every 15 minutes over 100 minutes when the clock runs slow. Not happen since, been good for a few weeks now.

I’d also point out its only happened in two rides out of ~1120 for me.

TrainerDay question…is it true that it only works on mobile apps? i.e. - you couldn’t use it with a laptop?

You need the app on a phone I believe.

You can use the website to create and select workouts and training plans (paid)

There is a live workout viewer (private youtube channel, they give to a link) on the computer, but the control of the trainer and connection to sensors is in the phone app

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@gatipoo. I noticed you joined 43 minutes ago and are praising the Breakaway app on a TR forum. This seems a bit fishy/dodgy. The same with @xenawarrior joining 2 days ago and talking about Breakaway app too.


Thanks for the reply. For the record, in case anyone else cares, you cannot download the app on Mac. I just tried.

No, it’s a 2019 MacBook Pro

Well spotted :+1:

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