Forgive me, Chad, for I have sinned

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Becalmed by Coronavirus lockdown, I decided to shake things up a bit and try a workout with Zwift instead of TrainerRoad. Bright lights, colorful scenes, large friendly fonts and all that. The bloody thing just could not control my trainer properly. Erg mode was just not responsive at all.

Mind you, I got some personal records by doing 800W when the target was 120.

So it’s back to TrainerRoad for me. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Shame on you.

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Chad forgives.

For penance you should complete Disaster Day…


Both at the same time is the way to go.


I did the same last Sunday evening as well. I felt guilty afterwards, and even left before I’d completed my planned business!

I was curious, but even running in tandem with TR it didn’t float my boat. I can see why Zwift is popular though-it sure does look pretty! Whatever gets people moving in these uncertain times is absolutely fine by me.

I dunno man, I LOVE TrainerRoad. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get burned out on structure and have to take some time away to just ride. Sometimes I do that outside, other times I do it on Zwift. While TR will always be my first love when it comes to indoor cycling, I still dig Zwift to help break things up when I can feel myself getting burned out. There’s a need for both and nothing wrong with leaning on that.


I did exactly the same thing last week. Was not looking forward to being stuck inside for the foreseeable future and lost all motivation to train. I cancelled TR and signed up for Zwift Free trial for a change of pace. Raced in a crit and it was an absolute joke, then did a group ride and a workout, I hated the interface and really wasn’t into it at all. Cancelled Zwift and got back on TR.

I do find the visual aspects of zwift mentally engaging, but the structured plans of TR win hands down.

So I connect my trainer as a power meter only to zwift, and let TR control the trainer in ERG mode.

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As a penance, you are required to be at the receiving end of the new “Crash” feature on Zwift.

I hope everyone noticed the date of that publication.


ALready caught one of the guys we ride with…someone sent that in our group text and he was like “WTF??? That is so STPUOID? WTF are they thinking???”

:rofl: :rofl:


:rofl: I also sinned but actually sinned even more when i signed up - So Zwift was an app i tried even before TR, did’nt like it much and went the TR route. In fact i called Zwift a game rather than a training app. So that was like 3 years ago - recently during lockdown my mates been constantly inviting me to group rides which i decided to join - I must admit it was fun and decided to signup mainly to break the rigid training regime of TR - for me serious training will be on TR, but to have an alternative like Zwift makes IDT a bit more fun.

One thing Zwift is missing is a TR Jersey you can select for your avatar - I wonder when that ill be available :sunglasses: