Indoor ride with gloves?

how do you do this?

I use gloves when riding indoors, primarily because of the padding, but I’m not really happy with them because they get very wet from sweating.

As a test, I set up an additional fan next to my kicker Headwind, but it doesn’t really help, the gloves still get damp

I wear the mitts to stop that feeling of slick bar tape without them. At first I wasn’t too bothered with the dampness. Now I have almost permanent ‘bath hands’, so I am having a rethink there. The headband has mitigated the sweat in eyes thing so I am going to try the sweatbands on the wrists to see if that minimizes the soak on the mitts.

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Simple solutions are sometimes the best - instead of wearing mitts, try covering the bars with a towel which you wash with kit after every ride. It deals with that nasty sweaty / sloppy mitts feeling and protects the bike from the sweat.


Mitts will also help save your shifters from sweat!

i’ve been a fan of the endura fingerless gloves for years. they make a pair that has perforated pads on the palm for cooling which seems to work pretty well. They’re at least more breathable than gloves that don’t have this feature. Pearl izumi also makes some gloves like this. I use an old pair of the enduras that have velcro that no longer works on the trainer with the closure strap cut off. Never felt like they accumulated too much moisture and have that little bit of extra padding that’s desirable on longer interval workouts.

sweatbands do the trick nicely (I don’t wear gloves).


I raise front wheel a bit to remove some pressure from hands (less padding needed) and then i cover bars with whatever material i like, microfibre towels can be pretty fine, you can use them also to wipe hands during a ride.

I keep the same bike on my trainer the whole time so my solution is easier than in a lot of cases. I have wrapped a load of foam padding and duct tape around the bars. It looks hideous but is much better for comfort now.

i use this ones Assos:

do you have a link for me, to compare with your Endura?

Tried that… Garmin got covered and it only worked for the tops; not the hoods or drops. Prolly need a different shaped towel there.

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i will try it in the near future, have to buy one first, hope it helps!

i tried it with towels too, but i am not totally happy with it, more a Plan B, if i couldn’t find a better solution :rofl:

Honestly you might need a better fan. I wear specialized body geometry full fingered gloves and with my lasko no problems on 3 hour rides. I like full fingered as they don’t ride up on my fingers.

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I have a stack of about 12 hand towels for riding for a week. I generally keep 2 handy during a ride. 1 I drape over the bars and hoods and one as a backup on a stand nearby. On bigger/harder days, I’ll keep 3 nearby and after an hour I’ll throw the damp one on the bars on the floor and replace it with a fresh one. No complaints about this setup. I should also say, I have a sweat net on the bike also so the towel kind of rests on the sweat net as well, which keeps it off the top tube and relatively flat.

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i hope my Kicker Headwind is good enough, anyway, he is in front of me, so i need 2 more Kicker headwinds for my fingers :joy:

Yes it would be. I don’t think I saw what fan you had. Edit: I just re-read your original post. Sorry about that.

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With the AC running and two fans I barely sweat. I think you need better cooling.

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here’s the link from the endura website:

If you can find the previous generation the section just below the fingers used to have the same gel stuff as is on the lower sections. Similar model number and aerogel designation. Changed it for some reason, who knows but I’ll probably give them a shot anyway when my current pair wears out.

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Right… I am going to stop you right there…

… Dilettante!! :crazy_face:

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thanks for the input to everyone, will try some of the suggestions.

At the moment I’m trying to use towels, but have to change them arround every 30 minutes, think it depends on the intensity of the workout.

Looks like I always need a good supply of towels for my indoor sessions

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