Effects of heat/cooling (cycling mentioned) Huberman and Dr. Craig Heller

IMO Very exciting episode.

Some thoughts I had after listening:

  • Should I use different types of gloves? (that alows for cooling in the palms)
  • Could I optimize my indoor performance with improved cooling?
  • What could be some experiments to do at home? (maybe observe the amount of sweat with different cooling methods…)

EDIT: Exercise Bike - CoolMitt
Link to the product “coolmitt” here is more information on how a possible way of cooling could be applied to indoor riding

  • In between intervals/intense sets. This will maximize your capacity to withstand the increased heat generated during your next set.
  • During easy cool downs.
  • Post ride recovery.

Interesting :thinking:

I dont and have never wore gloves indoors but I do clench my fists at the end of intervals to try and dig out more, maybe I should try to keep them relaxed and open. :thinking:

Outdoors I’ve noticed (it may be phycological) that I preform better with mitts. :thinking: I’ve not actually been able to wear mitts this year due to nerve damage but hopefully I will next summer.

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Interesting stuff. Indoors when I overheat I tend to get in the aero position with forearms on the tops and palms out and up, facing the fan directly in front of me. It also brings the top half of my face into the airflow. Works like a charm. Now I know why!

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