Handlebar Sweat Cover

Okay, I am trying to get an idea on what people are doing for sweat management. Specifically I am looking to avoid soaking my handlebar tape with sweat when riding indoor.

I already have one of those “triangular” covers that protects the top tube of the bike, however, as you can see in the picture below, the handlebar tape is completely expose to my sweaty hands.
I have been putting a small hand towel around the top of the handlebar, but then that blocks my cooling fan significantly.

I found a company that makes a towel specific for handlebars but only for stationary bikes and not one with drops.

What are people using? Am I the only one with this problem? :slight_smile:

I use a towel.


For hard days (extended threshold efforts) I have 2 8x8 face cloths that I wrap around the hoods. Bunch up the extra material under the levers and it won’t flap around in the fan.

For medium days (sweet spot) I take a long rectangular towel and wrap one end around the hoods, then twist the towel up and nustle it under my computer mount, and then wrap the other end around the other hood. Twisting it and tucking it under the mount keeps it mostly out of the way and inline with the bars so I don’t feel like it’s blocking the fan.

Also every minute or so I put my palms up to the fan (one at a time) and let the fan dry them out a bit. Helps if you need to establish a rhythm too, count to 30 or 45 rpm, hand to fan for 10 rpms, another 30-45 and then the other hand.

Also I put on some cheap bar tape before starting winter training that can just soak up sweat and be gross. I sweat a lot, but I don’t think I sweat enough to really risk corroding the bars.

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This is currently what I do… I was just thinking that there must be a more elegant solution…

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Folded-up full-size bath towel. Wash it with your kit after the ride


Same here, just a regular old towel. Works perfectly fine.

Hell, even my sweatband is a cut up piece of an old towel wrapped around my head. Cheap and does the job.

As others have said, a towel folded up can do the trick. If you feel you need something more specific, there is this…


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A case of these:

One wrapped around my head, and another draped over my handlebars.

Since using a proper fan, I don’t have this problem anymore.

15 bucks for a small towel. Rapha really knows how to make a profit :money_with_wings:

I have a towel over the bars and headset, never seen the need for the triangular thingy.

My fan is pointed at my torso and is positioned to the side so the towel doesn’t get in the way at all.

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But it has loops to go over your brake hoods!!! :crazy_face:

I tried one of those triangular shaped sweat guards but found that it rubbed my legs. I use wash clothes on the hoods and stem, and a dish towel over the headset / aero pads. The cloth over the stem is important to keep sweat from getting down there and making it “crunchy.” I secure this one in place with a velco cable wrap - otherwise it falls off during hard intervals.

Wear gloves if your hands are getting sweaty.

I drape a hand towel over my stem which I may use 30+ minutes into the ride to wipe my brow.

With all the windows open, a ceiling fan going, and a large fan blowing in my face I really don’t sweat that much.

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I use one of the bike thong towels too but the CycleOps brand, wrap the sensitive areas where there is a bolt in plastic wrap (front caliper, stem, headset top, aerobar arm rest pads (so they don’t get funky from repeated sweat soakings). Then I put a regular small towel on top arm pad rests and wrap it around parts of the basebar and back portion of aerobar extensions. Note that I’m using my TT/Tri bike on the trainer and not my road bike. The basebar handles have these thick molded rubber cover so I don’t have to worry about those. Aerobar extensions have regular bar tape but I personally do most of my main sets on the basebar and not in aero anyways (probably an 80/20 split of on basebar/in aero position). Plus that’s easy enough to change out the bar tape anyways.

I still sweat a bit though even with a blower fan and still have a separate sweat towel to wipe down when needed (could use a stronger blower than I got honestly). But it works and I’ve not seen any corroded bolts on my bike so far. In the summer months I’ll run a dehumidifier in the basement (where the trainer lives) but it’s not in the same room but not too far away though). But typically by then I’m riding outside when I can instead but that might not be the case this summer though.

I have a different strategy. No bar tape. easy to clean up. it’s only a bit of a problem on 2+ hour rides, gets a bit slippery. I can grab a fresh towel and wipe the bars down quickly mid-ride though. I also use one of those triangular covers and it works hard.

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I use an old leg warmer attached to the bars and seat post, instead of one of those triangular things. And a thinner microfiber towel velcro tie wrapped on the bars. Will take a photo tomorrow

Peel back your brake hood, put your towel down, peel your brake hood back into normal position holding the towel in place.


I can tell how much indoor TR work I’ve been doing during a week by looking at my hamper. Lots of hand towels? Lots of trainer time. For the tops, to avoid sweat all over my bars/tape I fold a hand towel twice lengthwise.

Also, I clean my bike, religiously after every indoor ride with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol no matter what. Keeps corrosion at bay.

I use a old jersey - the arms stretch over the hoods and the bottom over the headset. Alternate is to throw a towel over the bars and stem.

Plus one for cleaning your bike and chair, pedals, everything. In the latest podcast this is mentioned as well as care for the trainer.