Strava says cyclists are spending more time indoors than ever before (2019 Stats)


I am hoping the @dcrainmaker and/or @GPLama are going to dive into the stats a bit more on their own or together in the Fit File Podcast. hint, hint

A lot fo stats in there to dig in to (beyond just the indoor / outdoor miles).

Some really interesting stuff…a lot of correlation though and not necessarily causation.

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Yeah, I’ll have a full post up a bit later. Just about to hit publish on my 3rd trainer review in as many days. Then Strava.


I’m wondering if people are subbing indoor time and reducing outdoor time or just adding indoor time. Not sure if they really captured that from my quick glance


I guess I should enter the bike I ride in my bio. I never really realized they tracked and analyzed all that. :man_shrugging:t2:

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oh you slacker! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :wink:

keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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The speed data is interesting showing the Canyon Speedmax as the fastest bike. Too bad the data would be difficult to do for the MTBs out there. Pretty sure the Lux would be the fastest bike there too :hugs:

*insert Captain Obvious meme

Interesting to see stats with bike models but, in general, I would be careful with any data that’s based on user input such as gear and weight(things that are not automatically uploaded from a third party service).

I updated the gear when I first registered my account and never changed it. Strava probably thinks my gravel ride last weekend was done with my tri bike that was replaced one year ago.


I’m currently mulling over binning Summit on Strava, I’m not really sure why I still need it when TR analytics are easily good enough.

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Summit for stats is a dead item, IMHO. TR stats, supplemented with… I would wager is more than enough for a majority of users.

I have the Summit pack for Strava Live Segments (which I think includes analysis that I ignore), and that is the only reason. I like it for the “off days” when I need a change of pace and want to do some silly segment chasing.


“Summit for stats is a dead item, IMHO. TR stats, supplemented with… I would wager is more than enough for a majority of users.”

Ah I see, a Strava plug in thing.

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add Elevate as well (that’s going to be off of Strava’s website soon) and you’ve got the Holy Trinity (, TR, Elevate)

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I started with Elevate. it was OK and has some interesting stuff too. But I found Intervals later (via the forum) and prefer how it works much better. Being shared web base means I can access it from any portal.

Elevate was device specific, and the news that they are headed onto a PC specific app now, further kills my interest in it.


This year my focus was cycling… however like most I am time constrained due to work and family. No surprise my indoor riding exceeds my outdoor rides.

Outdoor 57 vs Indoor 178

I say with the rise of :

time constraints (get on the bike faster, get more out of your training for same amount of time)
innattentive drivers (more chances of injury or death)
lower price smart trainers (more affordable than gym/spin classes in long run and more versatile than spin bike at home)
zwift (partial social aspect from classes or group rides)
just… winter training!

It’s a no brainer that it has increased

Also helps having streaming services like Netflix, cheap Bluetooth headphones and cheap flat screens. I remember buying my first set of rollers in the early 2000s. My cycling entertainment setup at the time was a 27" TV, a collection of about 50 DVDs some of which I’d watched a dozen times, and a set of radio-based, over ear wireless headphones with a base station plugged into the TV headphone socket. The headphones were necessary because the rollers were so loud I couldn’t hear the sound and half my DVDs didn’t have subtitles, but they used to get so drenched in sweat that sometimes they’d still be soggy for the next training session. And that was a pretty cutting edge setup at the time!


yeah, the entertainment options can’t be overemphasized re: the rise in indoor training. Zwift, TR, Netflix and YouTube all combine to make toiling away in the pain cave relatively tolerable.

I could never do more than 90 min. max on any type of trainer in the winter…things got a bit better when I obtained an old Velodyne, which at least let me train with power and had 4 different “courses” to ride.

But the combination of all of the above factors means I can knock out up to 3 hour rides without any significant issues.

Still have a goal this winter to watch Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame back-to-back and finally knock out 100 miles on Zwift to earn that badge.