Increasing power and ride time for Zwift’s tougher routes

Hey all,

Generally I just utilize Trainnow to keep in shape. I don’t race and don’t have any events. I’m almost 100% inside just due to the convenience and safety. However, I’d like to be able to up my power and ride time to complete some of the tougher Zwift routes. I’ve completed everything up to about Bigger Loop, 3 sisters, PRL half, all the Pretzels, etc. These rides are about 2:30 and up for me with some being 5+. Usually I stick with LV but have the ability to get 2 rides in over the weekend this time of year.

What would be your suggested plan to increase power but also to start building time in the saddle to knock out some of the longer, hillier rides?

Novice 42 yr old. TR member with AT enabled. 74kg with FTP at 152 right now.

Thanks for any suggestions


If you’re a novice, pretty much any training plan will lead to gains. I’m not on a TR plan (have been in the past), but I’d imagine Sweetspot Base Low volume would be a decent place to start (adding in longer rides where possible).

I’m not sure what these plans look like at the moment, but don’t underestimate the value of a longer steady Endurance (Z2) ride…that’s where the magic happens…especially as you extend the duration.

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Join the Zwift group Fondo rides and hang in as long as you can. Getting steady endurance rides in will help with your aims.

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As a novice, optimize for the first 80% of gains, not the last 10 - 20%.

Pick a low volume plan and do a full base / build progression. See where you are after that, and then come back to the forum.

Plus eat, sleep, recover.

I’m only half joking with staying away from the forum. There are lots of threads on how to tweak things, but that is only really needed when you’ve been riding for years. As a novice stick to the basics, listen to how you feel, and enjoy yourself.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I agree 100% that anything consistent will lead to improvement. The SS Base plus build seems to be the most logical start. I’ll perhaps throw in some longer Zwift group rides on Sunday and see how that works.