Increasing functional threshold power (newbie)

Just new to trainer road and have Done my first ftp test. After the test I was given a ftp of 230W. Was wondering if it would be possible to increase my ftp to 270W whilst either maintaining/ loosing weight inside 7 months. I am currently just new to cycling but have been doing consistent running training over the last year. I have done a few of my first workouts on ssb1/2 high volume plan so am optimistic that I should be able to handle the training load. I currently weigh 76kg at a height of 5,11. Can anyone give me an idea of this is a realistic goal or should I be aiming lower?

It’s possible. Whether it’s realistic is an individual thing and depends on both genetic factors and consistency. I increased my FTP 51 watts since November. However, at the risk of being somewhat hypocritical, the 270 isn’t that important. An FTP goal is not the best, but if it gets you out of bed every morning then use what works. Just be prepared for when you get there because you’ll need to figure out what fires you up then. I hit my goal thinking I wouldn’t get there this season. I’m still motivated, but hopefully you get the point.


Totally achievable. Gains are easier at the beginning and if you have a running background, you will be starting with some aerobic base.m fitness. My guess is that you will be there in under 7 months if you follow the plans.

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That’s great to hear, I just can’t wait till my next ramp test at 6 weeks to see what’s sort of gains have been made. :smiley:

If you really can do the high-volume training load consistently, and nail the workouts, and not overtrain yourself into a hole, then enjoy the journey and see where it takes you. But I suggest two things:

  1. Don’t use FTP as your primary motivational goal, IMHO: there are too many things that can derail that goal. For instance, I was steadily increasing my FTP but I just started running, and the addition of another sport meant I had to dramatically reduce the intensity of my TR work for a while, leading to a recent drop in FTP. I’m in better shape overall, but slightly less strong on the bike.

  2. Be very careful with that HV plan. Too many people, including me, have underestimated the overall physical stress and fatigue that comes from the very intense TR training plan, and it’s extraordinarily easy to overtrain yourself into a deep hole. And your running fitness does NOT totally transfer to cycling… there’s overlap, but you still need to become a better cyclist over time. Be open to the idea of switching down to MV, and maybe adding some Zone 2 (endurance) rides if you want more volume.

Far better to undertrain, and then add to your workload every six weeks gradually, than to overtrain and potentially damage MONTHS of your future training. Be enthusiastic, but prudent.


To this point, my cardio can easily handle 15+ hours a week. The unexpected consequences of pushing my hours above and beyond this really started to come out about a month in. Foot pain, saddle sores, knee pain, sleep cravings like no other time in my life…none of which I had ever experience with a more normal load. Just be careful you don’t go too deep to fast.