Increasing FTP further before taking time off

My race season is over now, but I want to further increase my ftp before I take some time off the bike in order to start my base season from a higher ftp than I otherwise would. Should I using the Sustained Power plan or just go with the Sweet Spot Base plan? I want to increase my competitiveness in crits and state championship road race, which has several strong climbs. I am 205 lbs and currently an ftp of 320. Through this off season I plan to drop as many lbs as I can. I want to try and get down to 175 lbs but would accept 185 lbs.

Or maybe get a jump start on your base?

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build plans are where i saw my best ftp increases but my advice and i think most people on here will probably be to rest a couple weeks and recover from the season and then start your base early so you can double back on a build plan leading up to your A race. that is my uneducated answer.


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Take a couple weeks off. Once that is done jump into base. If the calendar and the math warrant it you might even have a couple weeks you can just ride. If that’s the case I would do a day a week of VO2 Max work during that time.

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Seems like right now is the perfect opportunity to slim down. If I were in your shoes I would be restricting calories and sticking with endurance training. Get the jump on the weight loss now, so you don’t have to restrict calories during your base/build phase.