Inaugural 100 Mile Gravel Race in New York (North Winds Gravel Classic)

Hey Trainer Road family! I hope this is allowed here, if not I apologize and totally understand.

My name is DJ, Trainer Road Sub, and part of a race organization committee located in in upstate New York. We are planning a 100 mile gravel race in the Tug Hill region of New York. We have some big goals and aspirations, but that starts with getting as many participants as possible. I couldn’t think of a better group of dedicated cyclists to reach out to. Provided is a link to the event website which will hopefully answer any questions you have while also directing you to the sign-up on bike reg. I plan to compete and hope to take some pulls with you awesome people. Cheers!

Feel free to drop any questions on this thread.


This looks awesome! I’m in western Mass so it’s a bit of a hike but would be a fun weekend. Do you have routes available? What are the climbs like?

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I believe the routes are on the website let me see if I can find you the link!

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Let me know if that works for ya.

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Sorry…I’m dense and probably missed it!! :rofl: Looks awesome!!

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No problem!

I’m impressed. Routes look great, the price is spot on (gravel reg costs are getting silly), and proceeds go to charity. What’s not to love?

I hope to make it. Will tell friends.

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Thanks for that feedback, see you there. @jwellford

The event was excellent: incredible gravel course with a nice mix of fast and chunky gravel roads, and really well done with the music, food and chill post-race vibe.

Congrats to @brendanhousler for a commanding win following his solo breakaway for the first half of the race that was caught by a very strong chasing group. Still taking the win after that effort is a very solid result.

Also super cool to ride with Ben Delaney, who flatted early and then towed a small group for most of the race, including myself and my friend after we were dropped from the lead group.


Aw man I missed this the first time around but I grew up near Tug Hill, we skied there when I was kid. Is it happening again next year?

I know they’re planning on it being a yearly event

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How technical was the course, would it be appropriate for somebody newer to cycling? I kind of want to try arm-twisting my family into doing it :smiling_imp: The video makes it look pretty chill but was there any singletrack or descending sketchiness?

nope, super tame. If I can do it, anyone can!

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thanks man, fun day! Not the smartest racing to start off; thought for sure someone was going to bridge, but terrain early on was so flat no one else broke off. Was happy to get reabsorbed by a smaller group down the road.

hope you have a great weekend!

Going with you would have been a good move for one of the stronger guys in the group. I thought about trying for a few seconds but it would have been a very bad idea for me.