Gravel Racing in the Northeast

Looking to enter some gravel races in 2020 in the Northeast - i took a brief look on Bikereg but all i seem to come up with are gravel “rides” as opposed to gravel “races”. The rides are great but looking for something a bit more competitive. I’m in the NYC vicinity so if you’re aware of anything for next year and could post I’d appreciate it so thanks in advance.


There’s a bunch of great events, including Rasputitsa (April) 18, Vermont Overland (late August), and Northwoods Gravel Grind (Maine, mid September), all of which I’ve done and can attest are challenging, fun, and well-run. Ted King’s Rooted Vermont (early August) is also on my list to do at some point.

A bigger list of events in VT is here.

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Much obliged - I’ll take a look at those and see if I can get some on the calendar for next and thanks again for your help!

There’s usually a decent-sized NYC contingent at the larger NE gravel events, so you might link up with some like-minded folks. Have a look at To Be Determined, for example. Or you can just browse the “who’s registered” list for an event on bikereg, sort by state, and see if you recognize any local names; then call 'em up.

Good idea - a few of the guys I ride with are into gravel riding plus your right - I saw someone I kinda know in the results from this years Rasputitia (spelling?) so I should be able to get some company right?!? And thanks again for you’re help - if I do manage to get to these I’ll let you know

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NY series from ONce again nut butter, sam patch productions produced

That’s Ossian Giant Gravel Grinder, Prattsburgh Gravel Classic, and Hills of High-Tor Gravel Race (in 2019, at least). They’re not confirmed for 2020 yet, but they’re generally mid-April to early May.

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Thanks for the info and will definitely check them out

was scanning threads and eventually saw “Gavel” in title which made me chuckle. Fixed the title for you :slight_smile:

That’s hilarious (especially considering that my day job is “lawyer”)

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It’d be a bit of a drive, but Paris to Ancaster in southern Ontario is a very popular race in April.

unpaved Susquehanna river valley was this past weekend. I’m pretty sure it was a proper race. Ted King won Gordon Wadsworth from down here in Va got 2nd.

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Couple of them were taking place this past weekend that were pretty popular among my ride group

I actually had this one on the calendar and couldn’t go due to a conflict - looks like a great race so planning on this for next year

On the calendar for next year (couldn’t make it this year due to a conflict - looks like a great race though)

If i can work in a Buffalo trip to visit family it might work - thanks for the info!

Tyler Pearce, aka The Vegan Cyclist, gives a hilarious and honest account in this video of his Rasputitsa experience. He really manages to capture the essence of riding in northern Vermont in April. Hint - it’s cold, wet, slick, and raw. It hurts. Ride footage and commentary begins around 7:50.