Way to read Coach Chad's workout text after the ride?

I really appreciate Coach Chad’s text on the screen during a workout. It’s a great way to learn and understand his way of thinking. But sometimes I miss the text because I’m distracted and the new prompt is drowned out by music. Is there a way to just read the text contained in a particular workout afterward so I can learn from the text? If not, could that be made available? Thank you!

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The only way to access the text outside of a workout right now, is by using the Workout Creator.

You can access all workouts and the text there. Not a great solution, but it is what we have at the moment.

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I’m wishing for a screen reader just for the workout text. :robot:voice okay.

How does one see the workout text? I went to the work out creator and picked the Taku workout that I rode today. I don’t see the workout text or any access to it. Can you provide a step by step instruction on how to access the text from each workout? Thanks,

  1. Open the TrainerRoad Workout Creator.

  2. Click the ‘TrainerRoad’ button under the Workout search.

  1. Enter your desired workout to open and press ‘Enter’ to run the search.

  2. Click the desired workout from the search list.

  3. Enter a new name that is the new copy of the desired TR workout and click ‘OK’.

  • image
  1. Click on the first interval block to select it.
  1. Click the ‘Edit Text’ button towards the top right.

  2. Either do a screen capture, manually retype the text as seen, or select each line and copy/paste the text into your desired app.

It’s a rather slow and painful process, but the only real way we have to access the workout text right now.