In need of screenshot from an interval session

I’m looking for people to do the first section of the Tyndall -5 workout and post some screenshots. Trying to compare the ability of trainers to respond to the quick intervals. I already have Wahoo Kickr Core, Elite Suito, and Elite Direto. You can do the whole workout if you want but just the section through the warmup and the first section of intervals is all I need. Anyone able to help out?

You didn’t state it, but presumably you want this to be performed in ERG mode?

  • Additionally, do you have a preference on power as reported by the trainer or separate power meter?

  • Not to mention the ERG mode power smoothing that Wahoo defaults to, is misleading at best. Fortunate or not, it is also quite easy to see when it is on, and consider the data as appropriate.

  • I have no idea where you are headed with this data, but being more specific to your desires / requirements may be beneficial.

In any rate, I found a range of trainers via skimming the “Others Rides” section at the bottom of the workout that you can review. The trainer is listed in the “Power Source” at the bottom of the “Power Zones” section for reference:


That was super helpful! I didn’t know you could do that. Most of them were Wahoo trainers but there is one wheel on trainer (not going to dive into that) and one Saris Hammer trainer. I’m going ot keep browsing but this should totally do the job. Thanks so much.

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Yeah, there were 2 different Hammers, 1 Neo and the 1 Magnus other than the Kickr’s.

I quit there just because I didn’t know precisely what you needed. Glad you found how to search them. Let us know what you are working on. You have my interest piqued :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m reviewing a trainer. I like to check how well they do with quick changes in erg mode and how well they hold to the correct power. I’m hardly alone in that (DC Rainmaker does it too). I wanted a bigger field of comparison to see how the different trainers were doing in comparison. I got a little bit tricked by Wahoo and the power smoothing but even with it off you can see they are very good at responding quickly to ERG changes and holding the power where it should be.

Cool. Make sure to cross check cadence when reviewing workouts. I skipped those without it from my links above, because 8ts useful to see if the rider kept steady or had issues with variability for some reason.