Improving FTP in Aero

I’ve done two ramp tests this week… one on Monday (upright position on the hoods) and one yesterday (using the aerobars). The test from Monday was 267W and the one yesterday in aero position was 255W. Based on this I’ve got a couple of questions:

  1. From reading around I understand that a drop in power when in aero is pretty common. Would the 5% drop in power I’ve seen be in the typical range?

  2. What’s the best way to improve my aero FTP? Is it simply a case of spending more time in aero position? Or does anyone have any strength/flexibility exercises that have helped them?

There was a good discussion of this on the September 28 “ask a cycling coach” podcast (although IIRC the focus was more on TT bikes). Brief summary: 5% is within the range one might expect, and the more time in aero is the way to improve. If the difference is > 5%, it may be in part a bike fit issue.


Great stuff, I’ll take a listen to that podcast episode :+1:

There will usually be a drop in power in aero position. Don’t get too hung up on FTP as the holy grail of riding fast. Your drop in power might be completed overshadowed by the gains in time over a race distance due to being more aerodynamic.

I’ve found off the bike strength work has been one of the best things I’ve done. Has meant that holding a decent position much easier and I’m not wasting as much energy moving around. Why not change the focus from how can I improve my FTP to how can I become more effiecient? You’ll improve both your power and probably your race times😊


I’ve finally had chance to listen to the podcast episode you recommended - thanks @BMiller, it answered everything I was unsure about. It’s good to know I’m not massively under-performing in aero position as well.

For my future reference, here’s the exact clip from the podcast (44:30 in):


Thanks so much for pulling this clip up!! Super helpful!