FTP Numbers in Aero TT or Standard Road Position

Hello, having recently joined TR an in my 3rd week of Sweet Spot Base, I completed the initial ramp test on my TT bike in the aero position as this is going to be my main effort for next year

When I did the ramp test my FTP was slightly lower than I thought it should be

Would completing the ramp test in the aero position give me a lower number then if I was to complete it on my standard road bike. If so is there a general rule by how much lower its expected to be.

Ive only just started with the TT bike so Im still getting used to the position


For most people:

  1. Yes, a low aero position will yield a lower “effective” FTP.
    • Your actual FTP is whatever it is, but your ability to apply that can and is often compromised with lower positions.

Not really. We have seen ranges from no difference to 20% lower. I am about 10% lower eFTP in my Tri position.

This power delta something that can be narrowed with focused work in those lower positions. How much a person needs to work on that varies on their experience and goals.

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