Feature Request Process?

Was going thru the list of posts today after a long day at work and noticed there’s a fair number of feature requests and looks like we can submit ideas / requests and they’ll go in a queue.

Wanted to suggest something I’ve seen at work - ideas are submitted and then voted on. These go in a separate queue (apart from break / fix type issues) and so there it wouldn’t necessarily have 100% of dev team resources, but if someone has a good idea that many folks like, it’ll be pretty clear and then a priority can be put to getting that out quicker. Users can easily see how their ideas are doing and you can see what the popular ideas are currently. (and perhaps building some user satisfaction - it is rewarding to see your idea end up in the product and you can see the release info showing the newly added ideas).

If this is already done, no worries or if the team is 150% booked, again, no worries, but wanted to suggest this as it seems from the podcasts the guys are always looking to improve, so this might be a good addition that’d be easy to report on.


Hey, Chris!

Thanks for the suggestion and observance of the state-of-Feature-Requests. Funny enough, we totally had exactly what you described earlier! We used a platform called User Voice for athletes to submit a request, then others can upvote the request/add comments on it. We ultimately found that athletes had a hard time searching for/ finding existing requests, so we’d end up with a ton of different variations of the same thing, and it became super disorganized and difficult to manage/track.

Since moving away from that, feature requests found here on the Forum and from any other platform are shared with the entire TR team, and while we’d like to make everyone happy, our development roadmap is pretty clear at the moment. That said, we still really want to hear our athletes’ feedback. We have a good idea of the features we think will make athletes faster, but it’s not unlikely that new feedback will influence what we work on next!

Thanks for converting energy into helping TrainerRoad improve, we super appreciate when athletes like you give some extra thought to help address our systems in place. You’re great!