Importing Non-Trainerroad Training Plans

Trainerroad team,

I have been using Trainerroad on and off for many years. I have tried some other apps but keep coming back to Trainerroad. I do use training plans not produced by Trainerroad sometimes. It would be nice to simplify life and be able to upload training plans and automatically have the attached ride profile be available to ride.

At the moment, I load the plan into TrainingPeaks, then download each ride profile as they come up and upload it to the Trainerroad app. Is there something I don’t know about the new calendar feature or is this going to be just the way I have to continue to do this?

Thanks for the great app that continues to get better and great podcast.

Hey there!

Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to import a Plan from outside of TrainerRoad. While this would be a useful feature for some, it is our goal to be the only cycling software that our users need. We do not want our users to have to pay for a plan somewhere else in order to utilize TrainerRoad, which is why we have so many plans built in.

That’s not to say that this feature will never happen, however, it will remain a low priority while we tackle other major projects that will help make TrainerRoad a one-stop-shop for getting faster.


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