Strava sync not sending workout name/image

The past few days the ride sync to strava is just sending a generic “morning ride” title with no TR image (from the Mac OS version). I assume first thing is to turn off and re-establish ride sync with strava? Not a huge deal, but like to properly represent TR with my workouts!

do you have partner integrations enabled in strava?

Yeah, it had all been working properly until this past weekend since I can remember, so it’s weird that it changed all of a sudden.

I’ve noticed a similar issue. My ride on 9/4 showed in Strava as a morning ride, description said Stanislaus -4. Starting on 9/8 and ever since outdoor rides on Strava do not annotate the workout name? Any help on this? Recording workouts on a Garmin 520.

It sounds like you’ve already taken the first step which is a disconnect and reconnect. If you’r still seeing the same issue after, it’s best to reach out via email so we can work through some other troubleshooting steps with you.

As for the this case, I’d recommend you reach out to the support team as well ( so they can get some additional information before knowing which troubleshooting steps to apply. :call_me_hand:

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Interestingly I’ve encountered exactly the same issue, at the same time, also using macOS. I disconnected integrations, reconnected them all, it worked once - and now back to the same issue again. Sounds like there’s a bug somewhere so will mail support, just posting here so people can see there’s a common issue.

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