TrainerRoad Strava info "Equipment"

Is there any way of changing the information going to Strava so that my TR workouts don’t show up as being ridden on my MTB?

I’ve had a Google and search of the forum but can’t find the right sort of answer. It could be a phrasing/word choice thing.

How does TR know what bike you’ve ridden ?

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Go to this page on the web:

And set your default bike.


Or edit each activity


My default bike isn’t actually my turbo bike, there may be spikes in power, or I may run RGT in parallel to TR and both upload etc. So I set my default Strava upload as private and edit the file before making it public, turbo bike, removing spikes and one ride.

Strava is not currently smart enough to have different defaults. You just have to select your most commonly used between the bike and trainer to set as default and switch all the others manually. I default to trainer since I don’t check those rides on Strava, but generally check anything I did on the real bike.

You’d think it would be pretty easy to select defaults for different upload types. Sync from TR - > default → trainer vs sync from Garmin → default → mtb. But Strava has struggled to implement any features in the last 4 years.


Thanks for all the replies. I’ll have a go at adding a second “bike” on Strava and set that as the default.


I know guys who create a bike by the name of Kickr, Neo, Hammer, (insert your trainer here), etc. I log mine under the road bike just to keep track of mileage/hours on the drivetrain

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Yeah, I’ve just created a “bike” called “Trainer” with Direto X in the notes. I suppose it’d be useful for monitoring drivetrain mileage for changes, but I figure I’m not that stressed about it for that bike, it’s 17 years and multiple drivetrains/groupsets old :joy:

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