Importing/Associating Multiple Outside Rides on Same Day?

I rode 3 events in Zwift today and captured 3 separate Garmin files for them. I’ve added 3 Train Now outside workouts to my calendar, approximating the duration and average power to correspond to the Zwift events (one less than 45 minutes, one at 45 minutes and one at 60 minutes).

When I upload the Garmin FIT files as Past Events, the 35 minute event correctly associates with the 30 minute workout (Volunteer). When I try to upload either of the two other FIT files, TR gives me a ‘duplicate file’ error. As a workaround, I’ve marked the other 2 workouts (Homer’s Nose and Carter) as ‘I have completed this workout’.

Is this what I’m supposed to do, am I making a noob error, or is this a bug in adding multiple outside events to the same TR calendar day?

Might be best to email for help with this.

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Thx. I’ll email support…