Import structured workouts manually to Garmin

Hello all,

I made several structured workouts (with an alternative platform) and I would like to put them online to download for my community.

I have mrc, zwo and erg file version for each workout.

I see how to import manually them on Wahoo and Zwift but after some searches on Google, I still don´t see clearly how to import them manually on a Garmin head unit.

Use of Garmin connect ? But I can’t find a detailed step-by-step tutorial for it.
Which file format ? MRC ?

If someone has an idea …

Thanks for your help.

Garmin has its own API for pushing workouts, but it requires developer access, which I got recently. So it isn’t quite as easy as uploading an indoor workout file. I have a workout creator online to do mrc erg and zwo I just haven’t gotten around to making the garmin thing accessible to anyone but myself

The most basic method to get workout files on Garmin - connect to a computer. This method has been supported for a long long time.

  1. Downloaded a from the bottom of this page:
  1. On my MacBook I connected Garmin 530 via USB and copied to the NewFiles folder on my Garmin:

  1. Eject Garmin 530 from MacBook, it reboots and now on my Garmin 530 the workout appears:


@hubcyclist I could try to develop something with their API when I will have more time as hobby project.

How did you handle the requirements about the Link to Privacy Statement/Policy * to get access to the API ?

Did you have a proper one written by a professional ?


@WindWarrior I will try it with someone who has a Garmin.
First step is to convert the MRC file to FIT file.
However, FIT files are based on absolute power value whereas MRC is relative to FTP.
So I would need a different FIT file for each person, that is not so convenient.

May be I should code something and use the Garmin Training API …

The FIT SDK has a Profile.xlsx file that shows % or Watt target:

The challenge with % is if the user has correctly input FTP into their Garmin…

I’ve only added FIT files to NewFiles folder on my Garmin 520 and 530. It might take other formats like ERG or MRC or TCX.

FWIW here is a workout in Garmin Connect:

The options for power include these 3:

  • % power curve
  • power zone
  • custom power target

And the example above uses all 3.

and here are the fit file contents:

Re: % power curve, here is the GC Editor:

I didn’t take the time to dig around the workout_step related header files to find the structure definition and fields. In the example above you can see:

  • target value is blank
  • field 14 has 1200 which I assume is 20 minute power (1200 seconds) that I specified in GC
  • field 15 has 90 which appears to be the 90% that I specified in GC
  • field 16 has 10 which appears to be the 10 minutes that I specified in GC

If you have good power curve data from races and field tests, the advantage of specifying this way in GC is you avoid potential user error if FTP is set incorrectly.

Better example:

which generates a FIT file with the 2nd workout_step looking like this: