AIRWAAV - does it work?

Just heard an interview about this device on the Flo Cycling podcast FLO Podcast. Has anyone tried using one of these? I’m curious but skeptical.

blimey… whatever next?..

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Perfect timing. Was just listing to the episode and though I would search the forum.
Definitely, not much reputable research or studies. But I can see the logic in moving the tung out of the way.

Had to check the calendar to confirm it’s not April 1st!


I looked at that Flo podcast and skipped it. Looks like a scam to me. When I see Pogacar or Alaphilipe riding up Alpe d’Huez wearing one of these then I’ll know it works.


Coincidentally, I just read something about breathing on this coaching site:

You can skip down towards performance breathing if you like.

What he describes sounds similar to this device but you can do it with your tongue for free.

One you may want to try is my (although I’m sure I never invented it) tongue/valve technique. I’ve done a bit with aero and fluid dynamics and know a bit about crowd control and emergency situations; I have an eclectic CV. I joined the two bits together and came up with this system, which works for me.

When you breath out, stick the tip of your tongue at the base of your bottom set of teeth, and exhale from the diaphragm as described above. Get it all out smoothly and calmly.

When you breath in, through your nose and mouth, put the tip of your tongue behind your top set of teeth. Whoever said “that causes an obstruction” go to the back of the class! What it causes is a low pressure area behind the tongue.

Leaving efficacy / claims aside, I’d probably gag and puke if I did any kind of workout with that in my mouth, especially high intensity stuff.

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Maybe we can persuade DC Rainmaker or GP Lama to give this a rip and at least a basic review?
(noting that I have a heavy dose of skepticism here as well)

Sounds similar to a technique described by Graeme Obree in ‘The Obree Way’, involving touching the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue when breathing in… although this seems like the opposite of this device?

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Maybe if it doubled as a mouthguard, it could see some limited use in DH and Enduro :rofl:

Volume of air into the lungs is never, unless compromised, the limiting factor in athletic performance. If anything, our lungs are overspecced.


:point_up: This.

With these devices, you also have to wonder why (in this case) air would be the limiting factor (spoiler: it isn’t). What matters is how efficient you can transport oxygen to your muscles. Let’s assume more air also gives you more oxygen available in your lungs. You still have the same amount of red blood cells transporting the oxygen. So, more air available does not necessarily equate more oxygen in your muscles.


I won’t be wasting any of my time on this.

Waaaaaaay back in 2014 I looked into those stupid things Froomy and anyone on the payroll would shove up their noses. The Turbine. It’s still online if you want a laugh (and to confirm what you already know the outcome would be).


Seems legit - how do you tell TR AI FTP detection I have one of these installed though?


LOL, figured as much. Not worth the time on snake oil testing from what I can seen here anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like one for Joe Skipper’s “BS Buster” section of his podcast, but I’m a natural cynic :sweat_smile:

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Ben Greenfield testimonial dropping in 10…9…8…7…



No Joe Rogan… No Care! :wink:


Resurrecting an old thread. Anyone try this thing? I’m a bit of teeth clencher sometimes when racing/training and I was thinking this might help (even if it doesn’t improve performance). If anyone has tried it, I’ve love to hear a review, particularly whether it’s possible to down gels when it’s in.

This popped in my feed. Im curious if this is nonsense or actually works. It has some pretty bold claims related to ebdurance, lactate reduction and cortisol reduction which could be a performance enhance and a recovery enhancer. Anyone familiar with this device and how it works?