IF or TSS? Which is better for training?

Currently on SSBII… If I can only do a single weekend TR workout (Saturday CX race), is it better to prioritize TSS or IF? (Clark vs Hunter)

My initial thoughts would be that higher intensity, if I can handle it, would be more beneficial than slightly increased TSS, but I’m not remotely certain about that.

It’s not that simple. IF or TSS on their own only tell part of the story. You need to look at the Workout Duration, IF and TSS together to get a better comparison between any two options.

The answer to your question may depend on the time you have, as well as the type of training you think will suit your needs best. It’s more about picking to meet your training goal than anything.


If you have a Saturday race, I’d prioritise recovery for Sunday. No more than Z2.

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substitute CX race for Saturday’s Clark. Then do either Hunter on Sunday, or per the weekly tips do Ochoco or some other long aerobic endurance workout or outside ride.

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