Ideal Testing Protocols

Hello All,

LOVE listening to you guys on my commute, I usually take the long way to get a few more minutes!
my question is about the optimal testing protocols for the Ramp Test. I currently use Virtual Power on a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, Does cadence and gear selection sway the results in any way? I tested with the mindset of maintaining a smooth 85-95rpm cadence and only shifted when I had to go over 100rpm to hit targets. Am I going about this in a logical way or should i just focus on hitting power targets regardless of cadence or gear?

Thanks Guys!

Hey there Teagan!

Shifting gears and cadence do not have an effect on the outcome of the Ramp Test. All that counts in the Ramp Test is hitting your target power until your legs completely give out and you can’t pedal anymore. :slight_smile:

Check out this video where Coach Chad talks about how to perform a Ramp Test: