FTP bump based on progression levels

Just looking for general feedback. I use AT to prepare for a non specific TT season that runs May-Aug. It’s just me against me for fun and fitness. Recently in lieu of ramp testing, I’ve been using the following metric to reward myself with a 5w FTP bump. Just looking for any obvious cons to this method.

I follow TR plan but will often push myself a little harder targeting 2-3 key rides per week for progression increases. When I find that I can hold level 7.5 rides in SS, Thresh and VO2, I bump my FTP up 5w and then fall back to level 5, repeat process.

It’s a low key method for a low key rider lol.

Thx for any constructive feedback.

Once you can hit level 7-8 threshold and SS level 10 doesn’t seem that big a deal, 2% increase is kind a no brainer. I think you are doing just fine.

There are many ways to assess fitness beyond the ramp test. You are doing just that.

Great feedback and thx.

Someone here (@Janhein iirc but can’t find the particular post) figured out a certain sweet spot progression increase corresponds to a certain FTP% increase so what you are doing should work

Thanks for the message

Nate said in the other thread that a 10 PL at 300 watts FTP was equal in difficulty to a 4.9 at 330 watt FTP.

It’s probably still valuable to make yourself get to the 7+ levels occasionally and stay there for a bit because those intervals are generally longer at threshold/Sweetspot power, or give you way less rest.

That makes sense and thx. I’ve also noticed that as I move closer to my potential upper fitness level, each progression climb takes longer and is more challenging. Hanging out at 7+ for a week or so is a good call.