I went from SS 1.9 to 8.3 with this one easy trick

if any other metric were important then TR would test it. We used to have the ramp test but now with ai ftp improving our training you’ll just keep going up after successful strings workouts

You’re training for a test?

If you can do an 8.0 1 hour sweetspot doesn’t mean you can do 8.0 4-5 hour endurance ride. Of course power wise it should be possible but the butt can’t. So in that sense it makes sense but I do think there are too many: endurance (ass endurance) , threshold (muscle endurance) , vo2max (cardiovascular endurance) and sprint (neuromuscular endurance) should be enough


So only metrics TR is testing for matter? What a bunch of bullshit.
TR doesn’t even test FTP. A ramp test is not an FTP test, neither is AI ftp detection.

If you think 90min at 85% ftp warrants an FTP increase you should rethink your approach to training. This is nothing special, you should be able to do this any day with a correctly set ftp.

I’m at 5 w/kg and can do 90% of FTP for 90 minutes (that is after 2 hours Z2) and still I don’t think about increasing my ftp number yet

The problem with TR is that people start to think their ftp will increase on a bi-weekly basis, because they are nailing workouts which aren’t really that challenging.


True. I didn’t say otherwise. The endurance seems to be its own beast in terms of scaling because that’s the only zone where workouts get really long. It’s just another argument for having workout levels, but not assigning progression levels for endurance to a rider.

Even with non-fitness limiters, most users will not get anywhere near their limits for endurance rides, especially with the max time constraint applied to most TR plans. So the endurance PL, for most users, doesn’t really have any meaning other than to show what you’ve done recently, whether or not it was difficult.

look bud. you must not have been using TR very long. We used to have the ramp test to rate our fitness. And on the podcast they said how important it was to take it while well rested and really ready to dig deep. If ftp weren’t improving then we didn’t follow the plans well or were too stressed outside of ride time. The great engineers at TR have come up with an even better approach to measure ftp without the test. it just goes up every time you succeed a string of workouts.

I thought this was obvious sarcasm and you fell for it. Then I saw some additional replies below.


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… especially for already well-trained athletes fighting against the deleterious effects of ageing.

I will just assume this is a troll.


Did you listen to the kona successful athletes podcast? They did it with TR plans and didn’t need to do these weird over the top SS workouts

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There’s a whole lot of passive aggressiveness and trolling in this thread - probably worth @mcneese.chad or perhaps a moderator such as @SarahLaverty or @IvyAudrain taking a look


hehe, I’m thinking this wasn’t the effect the OP was looking for.

“one easy trick” signals heavy sarcasm, if you ask me.


I mean you’re actively feeding a troll - you can curse me out and make this my fault, I’m ok with it. However, there are some very disingenuous conversations going on here which are not productive.

To me it seems logical to try to get that under control via the moderation system rather than trying to convince the trolls or the ones engaging them to change their minds.


That may be true of someone with a high degree of training, I don’t think that most TR users could ride 90 mins non-stop in sweet spot. That’s something you have to build up to.

That is because most TR users use an inflated FTP. If you can do 1 hour at 100%, 90 minutes at 85-90% should be no issue.


Apparently, if you’re reasonably well trained, you should be able to ride 2:30 @85%FTP then run a half marathon (for triathletes). (I picked random numbers off the chart, but the idea holds)

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Lets be honest. We’re all different. Some of us need to spend more time in Z2 (me :man_facepalming:), others need something different. More often than not, it’s event and goal dependent.

Holding your FTP for any length of time on a trainer or training ride is of zero interest to me. All I care about is can you do it for 40+ minutes in a race. That’s the only place it matters.

So long as you’re challenging yourself and what you believe you’re capable of achieving, I’m all in for that. Build confidence. Learn about yourself.

Personally, I like TR but I have zero interest in FTP, however generated, via whatever protocol. The only thing I care about is can you use that ‘number’ to win your race?

For the record, fair play for completing the SS session at the beginning of this thread. That’s the type of session I actively avoid :grin:

I leave these types of issues and flags in the hands of TR reps these days.


I don’t disagree that TR’s FTP is typically higher than physiological FTP for most folks, but it’s not at as simple as you’re claiming. TTE at FTP is a range that can be as low as 25-30 mins for untrained or moderately trained cyclists and is something that can be increased with training. This is true for TTE at all sub-threshold levels.

Anyone can train and build the muscular endurance necessary to do long sweet spot intervals, but it is something that requires training to achieve. It’s not something that exists by virtue of its definition.


You’ve seem to have some major anger issues dude. Chill out