I never had a Sprint or anaerobic Workout in my calender, despite I am on short power build Crit. Can somebody explain that?

Will outside rides count for AT in the future.

You know, I posted a thread with this same observation in response to Sean Hurley’s ‘5 mistakes’ blog…which was a good article but mistake #1 was not enough sprint training. Ok. Guilty. But when I looked at the crit spec program there didn’t seem to be a lot of sprint work in it. Some time later Jesse Fortson posted an article on training sprint power. That article had some constructive ideas as well as links to podcast clips with lots of good material.

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In the past I thought there was some anaerobic capacity work, and then anaerobic repeatability. Now I only see repeatability. Maybe it changed with the early 2021 plan updates, or maybe I have a bad memory.

Guess you are supposed to take matters in your own hands? Without any real guidance it’s an odd choice for a company promoting training plans and successful athlete podcasts.

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