I need downgrade advice... for clothes

I need help. I’m down to my goal weight and I’m really “aero”. My current business casual wear now makes me look like the kid from the end of Big after Zoltar undos Tom Hanks wish. The issue being a tall beanpole it’s really hard to find button up work shirts that fit well.

Does anyone have any favorite clothing brands/lines of shirts that aren’t stupid expensive and work us aero guys? I drug myself through and entire outlet mall today and only found one extra slim fit shirt :confused:

If you’re in the UK check out TM Lewin’s John Francombe range. Come in extra long arms too.

whoops, disregard, misread. :blush:

Not bike kit. Work clothes.

I’m not super skinny, but I’ve got extra wide shoulders, especially compared to my waist/hips.

You can buy stuff that fits your shoulders, then just take it to a tailor. They can tailer it for like $15 to take in the waist so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a tent.


Banana Republic has a pretty good selection of tall sizes online. I’m 6’4” and finding medium tall shirts was a big game changer for me.

Eddie Bauer also sells tall clothes

Not really having trouble finding tall. It’s the extra slim part that’s killing me. Having to basically fold half the body of the shirt to get it to not look like a trash bag on me has been the issue.

Are you looking for dressier clothes? Not super fancy but I have had really good luck and a very happy with my dress shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt. I order their slimmest fit in my true to size dress shirts and they fit awesome. They regularly go on sale and you can pick up pretty decent quality shirts for about $30 each. It takes a little while to get them because they ship from the UK but they are worthwhile

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Ive had sucsess in next and asos in the uk

I find the tall shirts are slimmer and I can wear a size smaller than I normally do.

I like untuckit shirts. I almost only wear their button down shirts.

The key is to get their medium tall slim shirts. Medium tall alone isn’t slim enough.

J crew has some medium tall slim shirts that work well too.

And don’t forget about going to a tailor. For around $20 a shirt then can take in the sides and make it fit!

I’ve had good luck with the Calibrate brand from Nordstrom. Definitely not the cheapest though.

I don’t have any experience with their dress shirts but always thought about trying https://www.hughandcrye.com. It looks like they have a lot sizing options, but also not cheap.

I’m definitely interested to hear other options as well.

Brooks Brothers Milano (formerly extra slim) line.

I had some work shirts and a suit tailor made a few years ago. Cheaper and better/longer lasting than off the rack. The guys I used were Sodhi Tailors and they were responsive to emails. Google seems to show there’s a Sodhi in both London and Bangkok, I used the Bangkok guys. Will buy some more from them.