I just can't keep up, not even close

+1. This is what I would recommend.


Thank you. Really great stuff here. I’d love to incorporate weights. Maybe on the Tuesday where the ride is easiest? But I have know idea. (I do have dumbbells/kettle bells.) I just know it’s like a trip switch: one little bit too much (like a ride where I really get in to it) and I’m feeling that dreaded take-a-break feeling. I’m totally cool with just doing base miles, and maybe that’s what I need, but trying to find that “just enough” threshold seems tricky. But I definitely like the idea of doing nothing but building simple endurance for a while. I think I’d still need to do the 2:1 because of my age and 15 years of not training properly (and my propensity to feel overtrained).

Okay cool, but maybe not the +1. :blush:

As we get older, it behooves us to maintain at a good level year round vs taking big breaks and working to recoup lost gains. We don’t get as fit as fast as we used to. We probably lose our fitness faster than we used to. We are also most likely more injury prone than we used to be. Better to stay at say 85% (random number) year round w/occasional peaks than to drop off completely for weeks and then try to come back so to speak.


You can also substitute one of the sweet spot workouts with a longer Z2 ride. When I start feeling I need a break, that’s what I do. You get the same training effect without the intensity.

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