I have about 4 hours of snow shoveling ahead of me. Should I skip my workout?

We’re due to get a foot of snow which will take me about 4-5 hours to clear which I can do over today and tomorrow.

I could do my scheduled 90 minute threshold workout first. Should I?

I would do the workout first then shovel if you can.


You have 4-5 hours of work every time it snows? I’m annoyed enough by the 20 minutes it takes me.


Snow usually comes in smaller amounts which takes proportionally less time to clear.

If it’s manually shoveling, it is a good idea to switch to a shorter alternate and/or reduced intensity. You can swap the workout with one from some other part of the week to keep your desired number of intense days.

Alternately, do the planned workout and make tomorrow a rest day, shuffling workouts as necessary.

The Above assumes that you’re training near your ability in regards to intensity/volume/life stresses/recovery.

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Buy a snowblower. I shoveled for years (decades if you include growing up) but finally bought a snowblower a few years ago. Saves me a ton of time during the winter each time it snows which means more time for riding or spending time with the family

But in the meantime, do the workout first


We are getting pounded in Chicago….think, heavy, wet snow. Supposed to get ~12”, I think.

Done the driveway twice…this will be a minimum 4x storm. I have Homer’s Nose on the schedule and I’ll do it this afternoon.

I have also resumed my annual battle with the village snowplow driver….i clear my driveway and he throws it back.

Game on, good sir……game on.


agreed with everyone else as it’s how i did it for many years before buying a snowblower. Workout first, try to coast on shoveling. You’ll figure out an efficient way to do it. I usually tried to do the hardest/heaviest stuff first like the compacted plowed up stuff then get a rhythm for the rest of the driveway and walkways.


Story of my life this time of year… we live on 5 acres, with a ton of animals(horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, etc) and clearing snow is a daily routine to keep everyone happy and fed… Even with the ATV snow plow, tractor, and a snowblower, its still pretty physical and kicks my ass. I definitely shuffle my week of workouts accordingly. Yesterday was a prime example of an unplanned rest day, only about a foot of snow, but you can’t afford to get behind up here, or you’re fighting a losing battle…

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Embrace the shoveling. The lift, turn, dump, repeat movement is an infinitely better functional exercise than cycling.

Get good at cycling and you are good at cycling. Get good at shoveling and your are good at almost anything a human body may be called upon to do.

Or - - - buy a snow blower :wink:


Yeah, skip the workout and hit the snow hard, nice change, and needs doing or go 50/50, half the workout.

I like the suggestion of workout first, maybe do half and then go at it with the snow (shower and dry off after the bike or you will freeze.) Double/triple shower day.

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Just call KL5-3226.


Whatever you choose to do, put your shoveling on Strava. I logged mine earlier this week as a workout just to pester some friends. Real talk though, shoveling is a good exercise for cyclists. Probably.

Fixed it for you, not sure what the number was, was it ghostbusters?

40+ inches of snow forecasted over the next few days. The snow blower will get a workout!

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It’s time to move.


Get a fat bike

Well, I let my equipment dictate - failed at 2/3s of the workout. Lost connection with my Kickr and heart rate monitor. Still having trouble seeing my Polar HRM after rebooting my phone. Might just need a battery change. Will determine that after I do some shoveling.

Also be careful with shoveling technique. Two years ago I missed a whole cycling season after herniating a disk shoveling heavy wet snow.

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Nah - have 100s of miles of MTB trails and gravel roads out my front door. And 1000s more within a few hours drive.

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