I have a pain in my knee, should I skip training rides?

I have a pain in my left knee. I hesitate to call it an injury bc it doesn’t hurt that much, it’s just a bit of a sharp pain when I bend my knee into an angle slightly lower than 45 degrees. Otherwise I don’t feel it.

I don’t know if it started after some of the high cadence work I’ve done in the last week or with some of the lifting I do (I lift pretty heavy on my lower body days).

I am skipping a gym session this Saturday for a family event and it seems like a good time to also skip my Sunday Trainerroad workout to give a couple of extra days of rest, but is it necessary?

I don’t really feel the pain while riding, maybe a twinge or two over an hour, That’s sad I know that that could just be my body adapting to it.

Do you think it’s necessary to skip training workouts and if so, how many or for how long?

In my experience;
Another “it depends”
If it’s an over use injury then rest should let it repair itself.
You might be able to ride after a few days off the bike. I would not do any thing that requires power over 75% of FTP until you’re sure it’s on the mend.
If it does not get better. A visit to the orthopedic doc may be in order.


Where in the knee does it hurt?
The pain you describe reminds me of runners knee/it band syndrome and that is nothing to gamble with a Sunday trainerroad session with.

It’s the back part of my knee and it’s not deep in the muscle, it’s more on the outside edges.

Yeah I’m already planning on skipping Sunday to be safe.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome?

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The general advice I tend to use for stuff like that is to just take 3 days off and see if it there is any change before considering medical attention or whatever.

Over the years I’ve lost lots of time by not just taking a few days off to figure out what’s going on.


Yeah that’s a good point, and if I’m going to lose some time I’d rather it be a couple of days in the off season vs a lot of time in the race season bc I just ignored it.

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Stop a few days.

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