Knee Pain training question

Hello everyone

Since I did end SSBLV 2 I have some slight knee pain. Now I am in the 4 weeks (Marry Austin week), and I think it have to sort that out before it gets worse. The pain is not that bad it is more distracting especially while I ride. When I am not riding the knee feels a bit more sensible, sometimes if I twist it does gives a slight pain. I think it is the knee ribbon that is acroarthritis (not sure if this is the right word)

My hope was that I can just train and ignore it and it will go away… Right now I did replace my last workout with Pettit and i plan to add the missing workout later.

My question is what shall I do.

  • stop training for a week and do nothing
  • another idea is to push this week down, and add a recovery week with easy rides, so I reduce stress but keep some fitness.
  • just ignore it and see how it goes, also replace the Vo2 Max workout with sweetspot less stress for my knee

Thanks a lot for your feedback and your opinion

Where / what side of your knee do you have pain on?

Sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right. But more on the left.

Hmm that’s odd… usually it’s only one side hehe.
Pain on the inside/outside of the knee can be caused by the cleat position. When you have pain on the outside of the knee, you could try moving the cleat more towards the inside and when you have pain on the inside of the knee, you could try to move the cleat towards the outside…

Also, watch your knee when you are pedaling if it’s flaring in and out all the time, you might need to incorporate some stability exercises. I wouldn’t suggest pressing on because you might do more harm than good… focus on recovery and getting rid off the pain first.


First thing: don’t ride through pain. That doesn’t make one tough, that makes ones stupid. There could be many issues, starting with bike fit. It could be a myriad of things, ranging from cleat position to amount of float to stem length. And bike fit issues are exacerbated on a trainer, because you move less.

This is where I would start, get a proper bike fit from someone who knows his or her craft. Explain your knee issues to that person and see what they do.

If your knee issues persist after getting a bike fit or the pain is getting worse, I’d go to see a doctor.

Just to tell you from my experience: I recently switched from Eggbeater pedals on my road bike to Shimano SPD-SL pedals. I’m still fine-tuning my cleat position, and indeed, I did have some very mild knee pain when I activated certain muscle groups. Adjusting my cleats helped a lot.

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Stretch/roll/massage your quads/glutes if you haven’t already.

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And roll your ITB for sure
But, as mentioned before - first and foremost, try to get a proper bike fit.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions i will add some Stretching and get a foam roll. I did plan to do that anyway. What exercises would you suggest? Maybe you have a good link, with what to do?

Also i just got a new bike yesterday, and i have to say i sit a lot better on the new bike then on the old one.
So i hope the problem are gone once i am pain free, if not i will do a bike fit like you suggested.

Since i have it on both sides, my guess is that i just did to much, and i just need to let it rest and see if it will comes back…

For the last 6 weeks, I’ve had a sore right ankle and knee. I changed my cleats, changed their position, moved the saddle back and forth, checked the tilt, etc etc etc and then realised the saddle wasn’t actually straight it was pointing slightly to the left. With a piece of string, I was able to align the saddle perfectly and all pain has gone in just 48hrs.

Lesson learned: get the basics right and make the small and simple tweaks later.


The bike shop you bought the bike at should have given you a bike fit when you picked up the bike. Unless you really know your preferred fit, you should do a bike fit even if you are pain-free. We spent so much time agonizing over whether to spend extra for Di2 or carbon rims or get a new carbon seat post that we sometimes forget the basics.

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Yeah they did a basic bike fit. But i think they don’t look at the more advanced stuff.

The good thing is the new bike did feel better with just adjusting the Saddle height, then a half year tweaking on my old one…

I will just take it easy for now maybe go to the gym an do anything upper body.

worth checking for me, thanks for the reminder!

I used to have a minor knee aches on my indoor trainer but not outside. I built a rocker plate to similate some more lateral movement and my knee pain vanished. Maybe it was coincidental, but I know if I have problems I tend to throw everything at them, so maybe it was all the random PT. But, since I’ve built the rocker, and stopped doing the PT, it’s been almost 4 months without pain.


Thanks all, I went to a Chiropractor yesterday. No fun at all, the sounds are scary. He thinks it comes from my back… and the knee is just a early warning sign
Let’s see how it goes, I am very positive… and I keep you guys updated…

The Doc. is a former Long Distance runner and won the German Championtitle few years back, so I feel he knows what he is talking about, regarding sport and training. He complimented me “You have a lot of muscles” being overweight for 15 years and now “normal” this compliment did feel very good.
Thats just a personal side note :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the issue is elsewhere. A couple of years back I went to the physio about a persistent niggle I had in my right hamstring. It didn’t hurt so much as fatigue prematurely and eventually cramp up. This had been going on for years. I hadn’t changed fit in decades other than to lift up from slammed as I aged…

After what sounded to me like a load of new age hokum the physio told me the problem was most likely in the upper back area. He noted my skepticism and asked me to stand up and hold a sort of Saturday Night/Disco pose with my finger pointed up at the ceiling light. He told me to keep my finger pointed at the light and drop my heel to the floor. Needless to say it was impossible. His argument was that this was the mechanism of translation and that the point of reaction was the hamstrings. Fair enough. He gave me some weird stretches to relax the core. He himself said that they would only help alleviate the problem but that I had to work out where the real issue was…

A couple of weeks later a professional bike fitter moved me to narrow bars and shifted the cleats back and hey presto it went as did shoulder tension I hadn’t really been aware of till it was gone.

He also moved my bike position up and back but that was a disaster (Same inseam fit). When descending: two terrifying speed wobbles (the only two I have had in my 40 odd years of cycling). So back down and forward I went after the second one. Hamstring issue never returned… nor did the speed wobbles.