Annotation emojis? How do I control them? How to use them sensibly?

Ok where have these come from and how do I control them? These were all done as “Notes” (see image)

  • Last Sat I did a short leg opener, and that has a sad face.
  • Yesterday I deliberately did nothing for recovery and it looks like I have a sticking plaster emoji included.
  • Today I have an annotation for a massage after a race on Sunday, and the annoptation includes what looks like a sticking plaster emoji.
  • Thurs I have a TT bike fit and that has a sad face…

These seem to have started last week. I cannot see in annotations how to control or select them. Anyone any idea what is going on please?
R+TR Emoji 1
TR Emoji 2
TR Emoji 3

The symbol is linked to the 4 annotation selections/options at top:

Notes = Nothing

  • image

Time Off = Airplane?

  • image

Illness = Sick Face

  • image

Injury = Bandage ‘X’

  • image

PS, your calendar picture is tiny and impossible to see any of the detail related to your comments.

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I noticed this bug earlier today. Selecting a color when creating a note now for some reason triggers one of the annotations and symbols above like @mcneese.chad showed.

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Yup, I submitted a bug report yesterday, and TR is having trouble replicating it per my initial info. I gave them explicit instructions on how to reproduce it, and have not heard back from that info yet. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there is some connection here. But my calendar is not showing the oddity mentioned above, despite the trouble setting annotation color without the messed up associations.

For reference, steps to reproduce:

  1. Load TR Calendar via the website (not the TR app).
  2. Click on any day, then click “Add an annotation”.
  3. Enter a “Notes Name”
  4. Leave the “Notes” option selected (it is the default).
  5. Click the Red color at the bottom.
  • When you set the color, watch at the top where the “Notes / Time Off / Illness / Injury” options exist.
  • On mine, it swaps from Notes and to Illness.
  • If I go back to the top and select “Notes” again, it resets to gray color.

Sorry Chad, the image expanded when I first put it there. Can you see them now?

I am not sure I see a correlation between annotation colour and the emoji in my case.

Is this a “bug”, or an “undocumented feature”? Not even Nate has mentioned it yet!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yup, legible now. They match the icons I shared above and are apparently meant to help give a quick idea of the type of annotation added.

  • The color / type association I reported is a bug as far as I am concerned. Still waiting to hear back from support on my part 2 email.

OK, so now a closer look

  1. the first (TT bike fit) is apparently an Injury, when actually I never selected that. It made it up!!!
  2. Laurel (the short leg opener) before the National 12hr TT. I cut this short. In the survey I said time was the problem (I cut the session short as I did not need a massive warm up). Again it decided on an injury.
  3. 2nd August - after uyesterday not doing anything, has been interpreted as an injury. Goodness i rode 253 miles in 12hrs and simply wanetd a rest. Not an injury.
  4. easy session to get legs going again - same assumption!!!
  5. Having a massage - not an injury - simple maintenance after a big event.

Are you sure that someone is not slipping these under Chad’s door? (or a Chad imposter)

However these are being “invented” from the comments, they do not make sense. It is not a helpful feature.

I fully expect that you are seeing the bug I described. If you want, repeat the steps I shared above and see if you get the same results.

Essentially, when you set the color at the bottom, the BUG overrides the selection at the top (between the 4 options), and that selection is what drives the icon associated. I feel the key here is color, as you can see you have the same symbol in each of your examples with the same color.

I can assure you that I used to be able to apply any color to the regular annotation and have done so for a long time. Something new broke here and it is connected to color for some odd reason.

@mcneese.chad I am not seeing quite same behaviour. I can change colour and it is not changing the emoji, nor the classification. However if I change the classification it changes the emoji.

However, having tried it now, again, on an existing annotation that was a note in black, it not treats a change to red as an illness, but does not change it back to notes when I change it back to black.

However I never selected those classifications. I have only ever just inserted an annotation (and assumed it was notes). Somehow the annotation classification is being provided by something else. Perhaps it was a change of colour I did that surrupticiously changed the annotation type!

The Easy Z2 session and the massage are both red, but one is an illness and one an injury. The TT bike fit is black, but somehow it decided it was an injury… bizzare

I can see why it might decide shortening a session was an injury, but not after I told it I was merely time constrained.

I have also sent an email to support with a link to my post above. Glad it is not just me :slight_smile:

This is not helpful if one has previously used colours for other classifications, (not injury, illness etc.) eg Race types, or other things, and now TR is mandating a colour to mean a particular type of issue. Like you I want to apply a colour to any annotation, and SEPARATELY/INDEPENDENTLY, change the annotaion type.

  • You are trying to make an association between your workouts and your annotations.
  • I will go out on the limb and say that is NOT what is intended by TR and NOT what is actually happening here. There is no connection or “smarts” in annotations that is looking at anything else on your calendar.

I am 100% certain we are seeing signs of a bug, and the crazy behavior is NOT intended. There should be absolutely no connection between color and is the reason I reported it yesterday. Additionally, there should be no “smarts” in annotations trying to set anything (color, text, symbol) to be connected to any workouts or rides on your calendar.

The one intended function that SHOULD work (and does in the cases I have tested) is that when you choose Time Off, Injury or Illness (especially if you are on the current or future day within your plan) the Plan Builder will recognize this (as being time you are not able to ride/train) and adjust the plan accordingly if you already have workouts set on those affected days. That’s it.


Reply from support just now:

This is actually an issue that our dev team is aware of and is working on implementing a fix for. This fix should be implemented shortly! :slight_smile:

We could also do with “Race taper and recovery” as a classification. I can’t use Plan Builder for my races (Long TTs) and so I am choosing plans, and around a long TT, I am tapering and rebuilding, similar to that which i would do for an ironman.

That is a totally new option, and is best addressed via a separate topic as a Feature Request. It’s well beyond what they have intended for use with annotations from everything I have seen.

What you are talking about is more of an issue with the Plan Builder, A level events and the way it adds a taper based on plan templates. Not sure an annotation is the way to handle that, but hard to say without more info about what doesn’t work when using the current system. Again, quite a different subject and may be best handled as a new topic.


… and it is an issue because of Plan Builder, AT, outside ride status at the moment. I am cool with that. :+1:

This should largely be resolved now. There was an issue with how colors and types were applying to annotations under certain circumstances which was causing some erratic behavior.

There is still a small lingering problem where you may see the incorrect icon in some areas for Illness and Injury annotations specifically which we will hopefully have fixed soon.

I understand this one may have been leading to some headaches for you in particular @mcneese.chad, so apologies there and thanks for your patience! :sweat_smile:


Yes, seems sorted, thanks @Geoff

Good deal. Thanks for the update. :smiley:

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