Hypothetical gluttony question

Lets just say, hypothetically, my “friend” were to over indulge over the next few days and eat, lets just say 5k to 10k too many calories of high fat foods and Christmas cookies, what would be a good way to get back on track training wise?

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Do the Festive 500 in only 2-3 rides. Caloric equation solved.

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I don’t know if this is true or not (so obviously take it with a HUGE grain of salt)…but do you know how they say the maximum fueling during races is only ~400 calories per hour or so? Apparently that’s the max the body can absorb before the food passes through, and not just racing / training but in every day life as well. So my weak understanding is that eating 10k calories is vastly different than absorbing 10k calories, and in say 24 hours you’ll only be able to absorb 6k - 8k calories (at most), and that last 2k - 4k calories just slides on by…

…or at least that’s my excuse when it comes to the massive holiday feasts :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I would agree with that. Not ideal but it will come off of you keep on with your normal training plus a bit more.

I wasn’t going to, but in the interest of science I’ll try eating a drinking far too much over the holidays. I’ll report back later if I get back on track in the new year…



I’ll get back to you when I have run this particular experiment.

You will absorb more than 400 calories an hour if you’re not also doing strenuous exercise. It’ll mostly turn to fat, except for the bits you burn, except for if it doesn’t sit well and it comes back out before it gets processed.

There’s no free lunch. Just bike more later on to make up for it.

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Curret Feeling!