Hydration Pack Recommendation on AACC Podcast

Hi All, in one of the last couple podcast episodes, Jonathan and Keegan made a recommendation for a hydration pack with a magnet. I can’t for the life of me find it again. Does anyone remember what it was? If not, any other good recommendations? Thanks!

I could be wrong on the model, but the USWE Airborne seems like the one that’s been mentioned more than once:

Here are some other topics that may hold the direct answer:

I have the Airborne 9, really like it.

I think the one they’ve mentioned on the podcast is the USWE Outlander (I think the Outlander Pro is the lightest USWE they make), but as someone with the USWE Airborne myself, I can say that that one is also a great one. I love mine!

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  • Found it…

The last podcast they mentioned it on a few weeks ago they were definitely talking about the USWE Outlander or Outlander Pro.

The magnet will work with all USWE packs (I’m pretty sure) but you need to buy it seperatly.

Edit: @mcneese.chad found it :wink:

I just got this magnet adapter and it rules!!!


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Thanks for the replies everyone!

I think that may depend on which pack you get unless they changed things since I bought my pack, which is possible. My USWE Airborne came with the magnet.

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Good to know.

I know it was a turn-off for me and the Outlander. It would be nesrly double the price of a Camelbak Chase and I’d still have to buy the magent separately if I wanted it.

For such a simple thing, and such a good idea, I figure they should all come with the magnet.

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So did mine👍

My 2 cents: had an USWE pack (can’t remember model). While their “no bounce” claim is true vertically, the thing would not stay in place laterally during gravel races. Ended up getting a Camelback Chase. Great pack design, absolutely useless bladder. So I put the USWE bladder into the Chase pack and got a pretty good combo. Don’t miss the lack of a magnet. Chase has 2 clips to hold the hose; the magnet was good in theory, but it’s a really small target to try to hit when bouncing on washboards at 18mph. I couldn’t do a consistent “no look” clip with the magnet; Chase clips work every time.

I highly recommend checking out a Thule vital pack. In addition to have smart storage and packing solutions and being very light, the hose has a magnet “strip” so the hose homes in on its location by itself when i spit it out .

Is there any difference in the back ventilation/cooling on your back between the packs? I have an orange mud pack and always feel it’s hot on my back. I have a evoc hip pack and they have foam pieces to keep some separation which allows more airflow. But their small backpack does not have those foam pieces. So I’m trying to see between camelback chase, uswe, osprey, evoc if one is significantly cooler than others

There is some foam on the USWE that I have with a center channel. I think any backpack is going to be a bit hot but I can’t say I’ve ever felt overly warm while wearing it.

I’ve got a USWE Airborne (I think, it’s one of the smaller ones) and the best part about it is that it sits pretty high on your back so you still have access to your back pockets. I’ve used it for long gravel rides, and Trail and XC MTB rides and I basically forget it’s there.

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I’ve tried a handful of packs.

The USWE was great for staying put, but the clasp on the front harness was right on the very bottom of my sternum and was uncomfortable.

Camelbak Chase fit great, but the bladder was HORRENDOUS.

I finally settled on an Orange Mud Endurance V3.0 pack. Fit is great, stay’s put fairly well, and a great bladder. I would highly recommend.

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As someone who lives in severe heat and humidity, anything on your back is hot. A lot of local mtb’ers are switching to hip packs. I personally prefer the tight fit, lack of bounce, and high position of the USWE over the camelback. Having said that, my gravel bike will hold 3 water bottles, and I go that route any time I don’t need more water because it’s far cooler on my body.

I have an evoc hip pack with bladder. It’s nice and not hot BUT it’s hard to keep exactly where I want without making it super tight. It tends to move very low on my hips which feels weird.

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Yep. That’s why I’ve never made the switch. I can’t stand things bouncing around. Heck, I get mad when my baggies hook the saddle nose!