Hydration Pack Recommendation on AACC Podcast

I tred to get the USWE outlander 2 pro, but literally out of stock everywhere in the states. I have a hip pack I take on my funduro rides/bike park. I grabbed the Chase 8 Vest as I wanted 2 liters for water, bladder seems ok. I wish it was smaller like the OG chase, but I can still mostly get to my pockets.

Looks like the white one is in stock on their website.

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That’s a great pack. I have a neon green one. 2L means it’s tiny and light and stays very high on your back. There’s almost zero room for any gear though, so you still need to use pockets or a seat bag.

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Yup, I think I have the 3L one. Which is exactly the same as the 2L but with a removable little pouch that has enough space for a tube, levers, food, etc, etc.

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Yep! I have that one too :grin:

It’s also great, but adds length and weight on my back (because I have a tool kit, spare tube, etc.)

Buyers tip - spend the extra money for the bladder with the quick release. The old fashioned “slip the tube over the valve” bladder is a pita.

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The USWE has the padded foam pieces to create an “air space”, but I don’t think it’s very effective (although riding in Texas, anything on your back is going to be hot). The Camelback has a mesh covering on both the backside of the pack as well as the shoulder pads. I’d say that, and it’s much smaller profile make it a bit cooler. Agree with above statement that the Camelback bladder system is horrible, but it can easily be swapped out for a better design. Will try to upload some side by side pictures

I ordered an osprey katari 1.5 and 3.0 packs from REI. I’ll see how those compare and return one or both if I don’t like them. I’d prefer smaller as any long event where I need extra hydration I can put 3 bottles on my bike and have the hydration pack. More than that I don’t think I’ll ever need

Can you elaborate on what is wrong with the camelbak bladder? I have one, put water in it, drink it and never considered it a problem. Presumably the others (which I haven’t tried) are much better in some way?

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I have no issues with the bladder itself. It’s the backpack that is the problem. It’s large and it bounces around on your back. The USWE is designed in a way that it sits tighter to your body so it never moves, and also it’s much higher on your back leaving more exposed, which is cooler, and allows you to get to jersey pockets if needed. This is especially nice with the 2L version.

Couple years ago, I went with the small Airborne. If you don’t need to save every gram, the small clip on tool pack is a nice feature which adds flexibility to the pack. Take it off for a race and just run the bladder, leave it on for training.

The way I set up is: full hydration bladder, small pump and phone + keys all in the bladder pocket. Tools in the clip on pack plus emergency energy bar. Bottle with nutrition on the bike. Spare tube strapped to top tube.

With nutrition in a bottle, and water in the pack bladder, am happy for 2-3 hour rides.

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the newer Camelback bladders have a big (useless) handle on it and a very large circular twist off cap. good concept/poor design - you have to get it precisely lined up putting it back on or it leaks massively. the USWE bladder is a much simpler and secure design

It is ridiculously easy to cross-thread the Camelbak bladder.

I find that handle pretty useful for filling the bigger bladders.

The threads were frustrating at first but if you turn the cap counter clockwise first, until it drops into the threads, then spin in tight it works fine. I’ve never had one leak.


Yup, the backspin trick is essential for my use of that bladder style. Not 100%, but makes it more consistent for what can be frustrating leaks when you think it’s on and isn’t.

It is nice for putting in lots of ice. I do still prefer the USWE folding style though.

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So today I received the camelback chase and the osprey katari 1.5. Camelback seems much better. I like the mesh and the few extra pockets. It makes me realize an issue with the Orange mud pack I have which is it has thicker padding against my back which is really unnecessary and makes it hotter. So will return the osprey and keep the camelback.


Does anyone have experience with the USWE Hydro in comparison to the Outlander? It looks like they’re geared for MTB, but their website doesn’t have much of a comparison tool.

Question - Like many of you I got the Uswe outlander Pro 2l because of AACC podcast - I got the magnet attachment but the clip which attaches to the bag always comes off… any tips or tricks here?

I’ve been using them for a few years now and I’ve never had the clip fall off bag. Wonder if you got a lemon?