Everyday mtb backpacks

For gravel I have my camelbak chase vest which works fine as I need it for hydration and just a few small items as I have a frame bag for my gravel bike

But for longer mtb rides since I have no frame bag and just one bottle holder I’m wonder what the best options are for a backpack. I have a evoc hip pack but it’s not big and honestly gets annoying after awhile since it will slide down a little no matter how tight.

I know there are lots of Uswe fans here. I’d want a pack that holds at least 60oz and can hold my snacks, pump, tools.

Also considering the camelbak skyline LR as it sits lower closer to a hip pack but still has shoulder straps.

Anything else I should look at

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USWE makes 2 and 3L (or more) packs with storage for tools, snacks, etc. Make sure you buy the bladder with the quick release. Here’s a good example: MTB HYDRO 3L Hydration Pack | USWE


Great. I’ll have to just go through their full list of options and also determine exactly what I want. Whether I want to go a bit larger in case I really need to store things like knee pads and a rain jacket. But not really sure. I doubt I’ll be doing any rides longer than 4 hours and most are in the 2 hour range. I find the chase vest and evoc hip pack just a little short on storage.

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I like using a Nathan running vest. It holds 2L in the bladder, and has chest pockets where I can put my phone / nutrition. No pulling over to grab something to eat or shoot a quick picture. The pack stays very close to your body as it’s designed for running. YMMV.

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I currently use an older version of this.

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I repurpose my trail running vest for the MTB. Salomon Adv Skin 12. Can carry 2.5 L of water and easily accessible snacks. I put my tools and layers in the zip pocket on the back.

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