USWE - difference between Airborne and Outlander packs?

Hi all

Anyone know the main differences between Airborne and Outlander USWE hydration packs? i’m think the no. 3 in either, but can’t find much about where they differ

The airborne has a .5 bigger hydro bag, and possibly the magnetic tube clip.

I asked the same question, because they seem to be nearly identical… This was their response. Seems like other than bladder size the mag clip and maybe a slightly lighter harness is the primary difference? The Outlander Pro has a 2L bladder.

Thanks for the response. The website could be clearer, seems not much diff between the ranger and the other two

Airborne comes with 2L vs 1.5 L bladder but they both fit a 2L bladder
Airborne comes with the clips and bungee cord to attach the “External multi-pocket” for additional storage
Airborne comes with the magnetic tube clip

These things make the pack heavier than the Outlander, but not sure by how much. Same harness, no difference. They do make a pro version of the Outlander Pro which has a little different harness that isn’t as adjustable and removes the shoulder padding to make a lighter weight pack. I wish they had the pro when I bought mine as there is no need for the padding with how minimal the pack is. You can’t carry enough stuff to make it heavy enough to need the padding.