Hydration during Z2 outside ride

So I rode 2 hrs in Z2 and took on 48oz of fluid. Starting weight was 219.6 ending weight was 217.4. But…I stopped to pee twice. I use a low calorie hydration mix with 550mg sodium per 24oz. Think that I hydrated correctly? It was sunny and 68 degrees on the ride.

You’re fine. If you’re peeing during the ride you’re hydrating plenty.

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A study on drinking to thirst published in 2010 concluded that “Drinking ad libitum appears to optimize performance and safety during exercise in many situations. The presence of thirst, not of water loss, may be the biological signal that impairs exercise performance in those who drink less than their thirst dictates during exercise.”
This obviously isn’t all the time, but if you’re peeing during the ride, not sweating profusely, and you’re not in an extremely hot or humid environment, sounds like you’re perfectly fine. Just drink as needed