Hungry as a horse day after a race

I am finding that the day AFTER a race I am hungry all day long. I am trying to increase what is consumed during the tri (2.5 to 3.5 hours). I get something right away after the race and then eat a meal within a couple of hours. Also keep rehydrating. Not too hungry then.

But the next day… I want to eat everything!

Do you experience this?

Yes, its normal. Your body is in need of additional food to recover and replace the glycogen . Be sure to rehydrate as well.

Yes, normal. Really long rides or hard races always gets my appetite up the next day for sure.

Definitely agree, this is normal. For me the thing I have to look out for is fighting the desire to eat anything at all. This can lead me to overindulge in foods that probably aren’t the best for me. I try to combat this by having convenient meals prepped and ready to go so that I can make better choices without compromising on convenience. If I’m feeling super hungry I can just heat up a proper meal, rather than eating something full of sugar.

Yes. I was so hungry yesterday after a big effort on Sunday. I had to bang in three gels in a 45 min sweetspot session. That is unheard of for me!!! Had a massive pizza afterwards.