Running With Power / Dual Sport Athlete

Hello All,

I have recently started running with a Stryd foot pod power meter. I am a duel sport athlete (Cycling/Running).

I am currently doing a TR Sweet Spot Base plan, training for a 3hr TT at the end of May ( ).
I am also following a running plan, from another site, training for a 100K in September ( Boulder Field 100 - September 11, 2021 )

After adding the runs to the TR Calendar, my TSS is extremely high. Is there a way, or will there be a way, to modulate between plans, as to not self destruct?

I have a real fear of over-training as I am a 45yo masters athlete.

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Likely both TR and the 100 mile plan assume that is all you are doing. There isn’t really (yet) a way of smoothly intergrating.

One option would be to pick the TR half distance tri plan for the cycling workouts, and substitute in the 100 mile plan for the running workouts.

If you want to stick with TR SSB, make sure you pick the Low Volume version, and just work on your building your running base and mileage but strip out any running intensity until May.

Obviously trying to pursue both of these is going to involve high levels of training stress. So closely monitor how you are feeling and recovering, and be prepared to cut back if you have to. Look at doing some of the minus variations to the TR workouts - they still hit the same energy systems, and the same physical adaptations, but with less training stress.

FWIW, I’ve been using Training Peaks to track my Performance/Fatigue/etc and it provides separate tracking of Power for different sports. Today’s Plan provide that as well and I’ve been trying that out. What’s key for me is that all workout data is aggregated by TP from my various sources Kickr(v5) via TR or TheSufferfest or Wahoo Fitness via Rival(w/ Stryd) / Roam (w/ Favero Uno) or Garmin Connect via Fenix 6 Pro Solar (w/ Stryd)…


It sounds like you’ve been thinking along the same lines as I have. I’m using TR for my bike plan/training and Stryd for running. I’m 46 this year so that is a match as well.

I do the Half Distance Triathlon plan Medium Volume on TR. I schedule this in on weekdays in the morning, and do a hard 3hr drop ride on Sunday morning.

I’m doing a half marathon running plan from Stryd with their structured workout app on my Garmin watch. I run on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I mostly run in the evening before dinner.

I also swim 2k twice a week and need to find more time to increase the swimming - my speed in the water sucks ;). Adding this all up I train twice a day 5 days per week and don’t have a day off. Some Saturday’s I’ll drop the evening run and just do an easy swim in the morning if I feel cooked.

Life gets in the way of course and I don’t do this robotically every week, but have managed over 10 hours per week averaged out over the past year.

I built up to this volume over the course of a year gradually adding volume each month. Usually but adding an extra evening workout each month until I was able to do twice a day workouts without suffering the next morning.

I also used myfitnesspal to track calories and make sure I was eating enough; and added plenty of protein.

Just build volume slowly and don’t be afraid to miss a workout if you’re cooked.

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