Training for a Multi Stage Event

Hi all. Am new on the forum. I will participating in the Haute Route Alps 2020 next year.
In 7 days, 20000m of climbing and 700kms.

How do you train for this event.

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Welcome to the forum.
It was discussed on the podcast some time ago:

But you will probably hear more from the people that are a lot more experienced :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jarsson


I did the MTB TransAlp (7 days, 18000m climbing, 800Km) last year, things I learnt;

  • No need to match the length of time (8hr rides) in training. My longest TR ride was 2hr 40min before the event and my legs were good.
  • Having said that, my upper body wasn’t fully conditioned. (sitting on a trainer doesn’t prepare you for 8hr of off road riding :wink:), next yr I will include some upper body work to prepare.
  • Managing the effort during the event is key. The people who started fast were really slow on the last few days.
  • Eating during the event is important, I planned to eat something every hour. During one day I delayed my eating and noticed a big drop in energy that I couldn’t recover.
  • Double dinners in the evening is mandatory :grin:


Thank you. That information would help.

This will be my first multi-stage event. Just being doing single day races only.

Plan to adopt the “Diesel Engine” approach. After reading literature from Trainerroad.

Will do the General build + Sustained power build, as a run up to the event.

I live in Perth, Australia. So towards the end of my training, I plan to do 2 to 3 days of consecutive hill rides. Each day about 150km with 3500+ metres of climbing. So that the body adapts to the multi stage race event.

Thanks again

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My observation of my friends who do insanely long off-road races as well reading comments from pro gravel racers is that these endurance events are eating contests. Learn to eat a lot.