How to train for an Alps cycle

Practice eating
Practice eating
Practice eating

I can’t emphasize this enough. I have been doing long rides (75-100mi) recently, and the better I eat faster I go (or less I suffer)

No, I can eat a gel every 30-45mins without having GI issues. SIS has a gel with 40g of carbs. I liked that. I like the SIS products in general.

I want to make some savory rice cakes because after the 8th gel I’m like blah.

Eating properly is a part of the training so do not skip that.


Without big hills or similar, see if you can find some other way to experience 1 hour+ of pedaling with constant resistance. Can you ride into a headwind for an hour with a big un-aero jacket?

Also practice keeping an even, sustainable pace. If you burn too many matches and blow halfway up the Gavia, I have some very bad news about the rest of your day and the next day and the next…

And yes, eat eat eat! The good news is that every pass has a cafe at the top (when you get to top of the Gavia, I definitely recommend the hot chocolate so thick you can stand your spoon up in it.)

Some extra core exercises, especially focused on your lower back, are a good idea. I like Tom Danielson’s book Core Advantage.

I’m headed to the Dolomites and Alps in July for something like the 7th time, and I can’t wait. It’s some of the best cycling in the world - have fun!!!


That’s more than me I don’t have any and I live in a small apartment to; I’ve still done the Alps and a good number of Mountains over the years. Attack what you have at a good speed and develop over a good period of time (an hour plus) the power, to a large degree its the same power you just go slower for it, and if you are used to sustaining it for a good period that’ll get you up the mountain. The turbo trainer and interval training is useful in developing that sustained power. Circa 2016 the ToB KOM lived and trained in the flattest area around here.

PS, enjoy the Alps :sunglasses:

Try a trial for 2 weeks. Maybe worth subscribing for a bit.

That’ll give you plenty of mountains to practice on both physically and mentally.

I rode up here today with my club. Just a reminder that it may be warm at the bottom of these climbs, but after 10km uphill, so this was a shorter one I guess, it gets a bit chilly on the downhill. Pack a gilet.

Sweet spot worked perfectly for me today, and then surged when at the last km it stepped up to 15%.

Being used to grinding is also a good idea. Note dar a few pros in the area today, someone from alpecin, Patrick lange… They all grind too. So don’t fret about it :+1: